How long are intimate photoshoots?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when emailed or called by a prospective client are, How long are intimate photoshoots?  My standard boudoir / nude photo session is about an hour and a half. It may not sound like a long time for a photoshoot, but it’s been the perfect formula for just the right amount of time. Whether in my studio, the client’s home, boutique hotel, or on location, it gives us time to take advantage of different settings and body angles, body positions and the most dynamic lighting. I will explain some things about my process so that you can see how I work and how this works for a basic session.

This is physically demanding for most, especially when they’re not professional models. I heard about a lady in an online discussion about a boudoir photoshoot that lasted over 6 hours and the photographer shot close to 1000 images. I was thinking, holy shit, what could the need for that possibly be? No doubt that came from overshooting the same look until moving onto the next. I’m not a rapid fire shooter. I take time to carefully select body angles and have lighting and mood figured out to compliment each subject. I’d rather have this be a fun and rewarding experience than an exhausting one. And we don’t need 100 photos in an album.

I’ve had clients come from out of state, some have even returned if they wanted to do a different shoot, and they find that balance worked well. In cases of a spread out area, or many specific outfits or looks, more time would be needed. But this covers the majority.

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3 thoughts on “How long are intimate photoshoots?

  1. Wow your pictures look great! They’re rlaely professional and crisp looking. Totally something I would see on a professional site ^_^ A lot of my boyfriend’s friends seemed to have gotten into the DSLR phase years ago literally all of them bought one. I always wondered how they could all afford it (this was when we were in high school/beginning of college) before. Perhaps they just played it smart like you & found good prices or they just splurged haha. Hopefully it’s still a hobby they still keep up with! Would hate to see that go wasted! I remember one of them made a makeshift lighting with an umbrella wrapped in foil and super strong lights. Although, afterwards his parents told him to never do it again because it wasted a ton of electricity LOL.

  2. Wow that is such a beautiful picture!! I can see that you definitely love what you do and it shows in your pictures! I think an hour and a half is to bad at all. I feel horrible for that women who suffered through 6 hours!!! I think I would havw had a break down! LOL

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