Have a nice day

I was with a student photographer in recent days, we were talking about the use of textures and shapes in photography, and how using those 2 things in conjunction with intimate / nude photography are a perfect balance. And how the most photogenic things and locations aren’t pretty. They can make a photogenic person look all the more amazing and create that interesting contrasting element in a photograph. When we parted ways, she wished me a “have a nice day”. I said thank you, although I mean this in a kind way, I don’t wish you a nice day, just hear me out. I have to keep the students guessing, because there is always a hidden meaning 🙂

I told her, go find something inspiring, whether an abandoned building or house, or any other structure with rough and distressed textures. Find something dark and disturbing, bring yourself to that place so you understand it. Feel that connection to that subject, whether human or inanimate. Because, that to me, is a nice day. So, in that regard, have a nice day 🙂 Then you can work on the lovely female form and how to bridge the gap between the soft curves of her body, and the rough features of the location.


Dublin Ireland street photography

2 thoughts on “Have a nice day

  1. Interesting!! Not to many people know how to look at something and feel a connection with it, especially ifs it’s an object. This would be a great skill for anyone to learn, no matter what kind of job you have. 😊

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