Green acres implied nudes

Green Acres is the place to be. We continued on to some outdoor locations far back enough from the open road, to do some green acres implied nudes, new term lol. This gal is a true country girl. She is beautiful as the day is long, but also isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, is loyal to people she cares about, and doesn’t tolerate a lot of nonsense. She values her quiet living, a strange car pulling up should have a good reason 🙂 We first headed to a creek while the water was still high after recent rains. How awesome was it that we found a dock?

Nashville boudoir

Next we sought out an open field area, as the sun was setting. Although it was hazy, the sun was peeking through the clouds, just enough to provide some nice backlighting which I happen to love. She is one with nature, a free spirit, and comfortable in her own skin. That is what defines beauty. I love exploring, whether abandoned buildings, in the country, or industrial settings. Picking your location on the fly helps the creative senses and gives me something to work on with the subject, so our inputs on the photoshoot are more equal.

web--9 Nashville boudoir Nashville boudoir Nashville boudoir Nashville boudoir

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