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I talked to a friend last week, who is one of Atlanta’s best photographers, and does a lot of fine art and boudoir photography himself. I was telling him about the relaunch of this site, and just what’s been going on and where we are both at. I told him I feel like I have an advantage over the increasing number of boudoir studios in Nashville, because my particular style is different, I care less about the furnishings and props and more about the female form and lighting, mood etc. which I am known for. But also I’m at a disadvantage because many women like the furnishings etc. My studio is basic and I do not have much in the way of props and furniture. I certainly have the option of going further with furnishing the studio….but like I told my friend, I don’t really care much about that, because that’s not what makes my work.

I’m certainly not saying other boudoir studios are wrong for their approach….and I’m not saying the women who want that boutique studio are wrong either. I would get tired of the furnishings after using them on a few shoots. I like to bring something new to every shoot. Most boudoir studios don’t do nude like I do here, so that helps me employ my twist to the style of the lingerie and boudoir shoots I get. One thing my friend said, you don’t need that furniture. If the viewer is more concerned with the furniture in the photos, the capture of the women wasn’t executed well. There has to be a focal subject. Which I completely agree with. In those cases I have used clients’ homes that are set up that way, and it adds a personal touch to their photos….and also I have used nice hotels for this purpose, for those clients who prefer a bedroom setting over outdoor or studio, or their home. It works very well. And I have the option of using a different hotel and different room every time. My goal has always been, while shooting nude photography or any intimate style, to not make the location recognizable. This way it’s about the sensuality of the subject, the mystique of shadows, light, and form. Props and furniture can be handy for that look….but being too worried about that can put our focus in the wrong place. My 2 cents, worth what you paid 🙂

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