Farm house nude series 2

Welcome back for another episode of Farm house nude series 2! I really love this rich location, complete with a Victorian house, a storage shed, and a garage / workshop. All had been uninhabited for years…The corn field behind it had been mowed, the grass had been mower periodically. Seldom does a car pass by. There’s nothing to stop the wind. No sounds of the city that usually just become white noise in my ears. This 45 minute journey from my home in East Nashville reminds me Americana still exists, and it’s comforting. It’s healthy for us to explore worlds that are different or new to us. No matter how country this location is, the right mood and sensuality from the nude model’s face and body, combined with proper use and control of lighting can still bring a cosmopolitan feel to this Southern Kentucky farm house nude photoshoot.

nude photography Nashvile

artistic nude photography

boudoir photographer Nashville

I love the perspective of this boudoir photography in nature look. The blades of grass providing their foreground perspective. The windswept hair, alone with her spirit and nature. The background texture, the model displaying confidence and sexy but modesty at the same time is what I think makes the above image. More to come soon 🙂


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