Farm house nude series 1

Soon after discovering this brilliant abandoned farmhouse, I knew what I had to do. It’s not every time I photograph people at abandoned locations, that I know much or anything about it’s history going in. This house belongs to the family of a friend, and it was interesting hearing about who lived there and what people did, etc. Whether I am shooting at an abandoned house or business, I observe different things I see and try to learn more about it, and take in some of the story that these little clues are left to tell us. This beautiful Victorian farm house with acres of land and a fairly distressed barn / workshop cried out for some very elegant and artistic nude photography with a model. As I always say, I love the contrast and balance of beauty between the female body and the distressed location and architecture.  Welcome to farm house nude series 1.

Nude photography Nashville

Nude photography Nashville

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nude photography Nashville

Boudoir photographer Nashville

I wanted to build an emotional connection between myself, the model, and the location to create an organic mood while doing this photoshoot. With nude photography, it’s about soul, energy, and connection. Capturing the female form is a special art and requires that level of trust, as well as creating a custom mood harmonizing the location, lighting, and every unique face and body. Each pose and movement was gentle and dynamic…ideal when it does not look like a pose. I chose to use fill light and a neutral density filter at an approximate 3 stop setting, to create that lighting and shadow contrast, and separation from background. As if to create a sentimental connection between the model and this once inhabited home…as if her own grandparents had once lived there and although the life that existed there may be gone, the memories are still alive. And embracing nature at this house was healing for her soul….and my presence wasn’t even seen. All you could hear was the wind and the occasional bird singing.

artistic nude photography Nashville

Boudoir sensual photography Nashville

Weapon of choice- Fujifilm XT-1 mirrorless, 32mm Zeiss Touit 1.8, Teffen variable neutral density filter, and Elinchrom Quadra s with Beauty dish and grid.

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