Studio getting a makeover :)

I moved into this garage studio in late 2005 and never set it up the way I wanted to, was in a rush to get the move over with, and just get back to work. Finally the bug bit me, empty it out….deep clean, paint the wooden paneling on the walls (dark gray to prevent flat light reflecting) and add contrast….and front and back walls white. I cleaned the floor with muriatic acid and water and coated it with epoxy coating. Next month a friend is helping me build an infinity wall to save setup time and use less seamless paper for backgrounds. With the exception of a few details, lots of progress has been made, all for less than $200.00 of materials 😀 It will be nicer and more organized to work in and create an even more comfortable experience for my clients.

It’s not my goal to make it fancy, it is what it is….a garage studio, LOL. But it’s very functional and comfortable….that extra cosmetic enhancement makes a difference especially for women clients coming to my studio for artistic nude / boudoir photography. Next week I have my first client since this week’s renovation. Thanks for your support, I’m always striving to be an interactive business and your choice artistic photographer of the female form 🙂

So far, here is what we have….tape removal and touch ups have been done since.



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