Downtown Columbia TN.

So, after last article exploring the antebellum mansion, my friend Jerry and I decided to explore downtown Columbia, TN. to see if there were any abandoned buildings. He knew of a closed down church, but there was no way in, so we explored the downtown area of the small town with a quaint town square. It’s amazing what we’d find even going a few blocks away from the square.

downtown Columbia TN. downtown Columbia TN.

I couldn’t tell if this was vacant or not, or an active used tire shop…but it was cool!

We circled around the area and stopped at this very narrow alleyway right in the town square, would be an awesome place to chill, nice cross breeze and tables set up. I love using paths of light and shadows, part of my life! downtown Columbia TN.

So cool. I could live in that building, so much character. alleyway

Overhead central heat and air conditioning units, a little high contrast. alleyway alleyway Columbia TN

These storefronts were definitely vacant. So much character in the building. Downtown Columbia TN. definitely has some photogenic locations!! downtown Columbia TN.

I love the dimensional perspective of this roofing, and distress / texture. downtown Columbia TN.

There must have been umpteen bazillion barber shops around there. Hair must grow at a rapid pace in those parts. downtown Columbia TN.

Look close….see the peeling wallpaper in through the window, and the reflection of across the street. The trick is to angle it so you don’t get glare, or show up in the frame!! reflection

Some paint streaks for added texture and abstract feel. More reflection. window shot

Downtown Columbia TN. would be a cool place for a business with lower overhead than Nashville because of less urban sprawl and inflated real estate. Well, I suppose as long as you weren’t dependent on local customers, or else these businesses would still be here. Great buildings though! I hope you’ve enjoyed photos from our outing!

abandoned storefront

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