What about clients who prefer no full nudity?

I had an inquiry earlier in the week, and it’s a good question. Of course I can accommodate clients who want sexy or intimate photos of themselves, just not nude…. for a gift for their spouse or significant other, or just a keepsake! Which isn’t uncommon, women having sexy / boudoir, or even implied nude or nude photography of themselves can celebrate them achieving a fitness or weight loss goal, getting back in shape after having a child, or just because! Just because a good portion of what is on my site is nude, no one has to go that route, there are options for everyone based on their comfort level. There is lingerie and implied nude posted on the site as an example. Also bodyscapes can divert the attention away from the “private areas” yet have that intimate feel. I’m an artist and a service provider, a client’s needs and comfort are my biggest concerns.

Of course a sexy dress in public or private setting, or lingerie is an option. Implied nude is a popular option. This means the subject is nude, but “naughty bits” are covered with a wall, a garment or sheet of some sort. It’s the job of an experienced intimate or boudoir photographer to pose the client and generate the mood so it doesn’t look awkward or contrived, but looks sexy, confident, and natural, even if deep down the lady is a smidgen nervous….I try to put them at ease and make their experience comfortable and fun, and they leave feeling beautiful, and respected. Here is an example of a fully dressed but very sexy image….in public at that 🙂 If you want anything special, don’t hesitate to ask. I always go to restaurants and ask them to add or leave stuff off. Customer is king here too.

Nashville boudoir photography

And here is a version of implied nude

Nashville boudoir photography

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