Travel expense for collaborations

I only offer a very limited amount TF, trade or collaborative photoshoots. When I do, I am careful to make sure that model has the right look for the project, our styles of work would benefit one another, and our terms match up. If we’re both investing our time and talents it may as well be worth our efforts, right? One topic I’ve seen come up multiple times in various online model and photographer community discussions, travel expense for collaborations. I saw one topic where the model asked if she could ask for gas money to travel to a photographer 50 miles away for a trade shoot. Of course she got a myriad of answers.

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Of course a lot of it depends on who approaches who about the shoot, etc. but if both parties don’t equally value the shoot, why do it? There have been times I’ve traveled to shoot with a specific model and I never asked them for gas money. If it were a true collaborative shoot. Other times they’ve traveled to me. If a private client, I add any applicable travel expense to the job. My answer to this model was, is it worth a 50 mile trip to have this photographer’s work in your portfolio or not? If not, why do the shoot?

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If it were me, I’d think it’s a bit petty. Even if I don’t vocalize this exactly as I’m writing it….My thought would be, I am collaborating with you when clients pay a minimum of $300.00 for me to shoot for them. And I’m not asking you to help me pay to heat and cool my studio, wear and tear on camera gear, time spent retouching photos after you’re long gone, etc. We all live in the same economy, but if you can’t suck it up and cover 15 or 20 dollars worth of fuel for our shoot, clearly you don’t value having my work in your portfolio. It keeps things on an even playing field if no money is exchanged, we all have our investments in our crafts. If one paid the other for travel, it’s not a true collaboration or TF shoot. If it’s a condition to do the shoot, it’s up to both parties to decide.


Boudoir photoshoot at Hotel Preston

I met a new aspiring model recently who was in need of some portfolio development, and was interested in exploring boudoir and implied nude photography. But she has had a couple disappointing experiences and needed to discuss first, which was smart. I explained to her that as she finds herself as a model, she will be conscious of angles and know her own body better, and will know more about vetting photographers and freelance assignments. She knows that part of her search criteria for a photographer involved in intimate art and female form has to understand body angles as well as building trust with the subject. Especially before a subject or model has lots of experience being photographed in any stage of undress, they are vulnerable and it’s the photographer’s responsibility to provide a good experience. That doesn’t mean be a white knight, etc. But just to respect the fact that they are trusting us to be discreet, not cross lines, and to capture them in a flattering light.

We used the Hotel Preston near the Nashville International Airport. Hair and makeup artistry by Jordan Breetz Nashville.

boudoir photography Nashville

Boudoir nashville

Boudoir Nashville

Boudoir Nashville

The hotel offered a nice furnished boutique setting especially since it was a little chilly outside to use abandoned locations….and this particular setting fit her look better. I offer hair and makeup and option to use boutique hotel for my clients’ boudoir shoots. The goal was to capture mood, beauty, softness, and sensuality, yet retain elegance. Female form in it’s glory.

Boudoir Nashville

Boudoir Nashville

Boudoir nashville

Boudoir photography nashville

Boudoir Nashville

Boudoir nashville

Nashville boudoir

I hope you’ve enjoyed the boudoir and implied nude photos of Kaila, it was rewarding to me that she was pleased with the photos and experience she had, win 🙂


Location photoshoot safety

This is a different part of the safety discussion than the whole tired escort debate, bringing butthurt boyfriends and chatty friends to save models from the big ogre evil pants photographers, le sigh, LOL. But more rather physical safety for both the model and photographer at the location. Basic location photoshoot safety. My particular choice of locations makes this a pertinent discussion in that extreme I suppose. It’s my job as a project coordinator and photographer to prepare my subjects for potential hazards. That by the way a location like this isn’t my pick for every client or model, it doesn’t fit everyone’s look or the end result styling they’re going for.

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I’m no white knight who has to over protect the damsels in distress….they’re not children and I don’t treat them like it or mollycoddle them. But I’ve seen photographers ask models to get in cold or nasty water with no thought of them getting sick or hurt, etc. Total other extreme…That’s tool-ish. But some care should be given. When I use these abandoned and distressed locations, sure it’s fun and creates a dramatic mood to the photos, as well as a nice contrast with the beauty of the female form and subject matter. But there are dangers. Debris, broken glass, nails, needles, etc. strewn about the floor….nails sticking out of the walls, etc. exposed hazardous materials etc. Poking, cutting, or falling hazards exist. I always let them know that possibility and look over the shooting area we are using before bringing them in. But they know the risks. And we together determine they’re worth the reward. I encourage them to be very careful about where they go barefoot or not do it at all. Just a little chivalry and not to the point of knighthood. 😀

Casting calls for models

I managed to ruffle a few feathers with the last article about my recent experience with casting for a local model. But most appreciated the article…and in doing so, it brought some like minded models to me that all we needed to do was find each other. It gave me a chance to see what models had to say, about their experience with castings etc. and other issues. This is not designed to be model vs. photographer….we are supposed to see each other as valued members of the team in collaborating. Not resent each other. I feel lucky to have encountered many great models who I work well with and we respect each others’ time. How it should be.

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Regarding castings….some models seemed disappointed that they answered a casting call online or through an agency and never heard back. It’s like applying for a job. You don’t hear back unless they are interested. I have cast for nude models to update my fine art nude or boudoir photography portfolio….and really can’t reply to all who answer it. If I have questions for who I feel could be the right model, I will contact them….many times they don’t read my casting clearly about the terms of the shoot or requirements. In which case, why would I waste more of my time responding? If I get a personal email or contact through my site, I do respond to all those. So no, it isn’t rude to not reply to models answering castings.


Hiring local models

I live in East Nashville, a very trendy and artistic, tightly knit community, that’s very sought after in recent years. What makes this area so great is the loyalty and enthusiasm for it’s small and local businesses, and it’s the least corporate / chain oriented part of Nashville. Very artist and diversity friendly. So, that said, it’s very important to me to support small local business. There’s a certain accountability that goes with it. You know I’m going somewhere with this.

A quick word about this sector of my photography business. I have a bit of a different style than local boudoir studios. Most of them don’t do nude photography, and their work has a softer feel to it. So, the clients I do get like the fact that I’m different. However, many are career women and do this for their spouses or significant others, whether overseas serving in the military, or working the grind locally. So much of what I shoot for clients I cannot use, some are ok with bodyscapes without their face showing….but there comes a time when I have to be able to use everything that completes and body and soul of a woman… a few times a year, I collaborate with nude / art models. Whether I trade shoot with them and provide them photos and we work on concepts together….or I hire one and that’s her compensation. For the right model with the right body of work, it pays to do that sometimes. And it helps them. If they give me a great shoot, I still may even provide some photos from the shoot on top of monetary compensation.

Boudoir photography Nashville

Usually not a problem. I don’t photograph models frequently especially during peak wedding season, which I am about to wrap up for the season….and I can take advantage of boudoir and artistic nude photoshoot bookings, as well as portfolio updating in that genre. I still do know my fair share of models, though not super active in local online communities dedicated to that. Sometimes I need a new face to shoot for versatility. So, I find a great abandoned house that could be razed soon. I contact several local models, both newer and experienced about hiring or trading for this shoot location. Which is 45 minutes away, but wah. If that’s what it takes to get the shot, I do it. I think I contacted 8….all of which were Model Mayhem or Facebook friends or knew me from being around, or in one of their communities even if I don’t post daily. No cold calls. Here’s where it gets interesting, or pathetic.

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3 or 4 of them read my message and didn’t even bother responding. Is my money not good? And can I not offer them something more than the newer shooters they frequent? This is not to sound egotistical or butthurt…I just fail to understand how so many don’t understand they must treat this like a business….you just don’t ignore customers, especially if that customer is well established. The other half was either wishy-washy and couldn’t follow up and commit to it….or got weird about the location, tried to sneak their boyfriend / escort into the mix, whatever else that resulted in a fail. If I didn’t need a new face for this project, it would have been easier…future projects I can use a model I have an established relationship with. I got tired of dealing with the bullshit, so I hired a traveling model from L.A. who would bring it and not flake out or be wishy-washy…..that’s what she’s paid for. I have had fantastic luck with most traveling models in the past. I like supporting locals, but why bother if it’s like this? Do this to people, they tell others in the circle they know. Not hard to figure out.


I forgot about one who wanted to charge going nude rate for “implied nudes” with restrictions and me signing an agreement not to show photos that showed more….and bring her boyfriend escort. I laughed my ass off pretty hard. That was a resounding no. One thing about me, I will bring energy to a shoot and give it all I have….I have been in this long enough to know how I need to do things. I don’t mean to sound egotistical if I don’t want to budge on an escort condition or paying for what’s not usable. In the 11 years I have been photographing the nude woman, I’ve paid models tens of thousands of dollars….several years ago I did a lot of commissioned work and online usage licensing, so I worked with the same models frequently. These days I work with private clients and work with models periodically. If I have to use traveling models to avoid the air headed crap I have experienced lately, or complete disregard for me as a professional photographer, I will continue to hire them, seamless deal. I hope that changes at some point.

Nashville boudoir photography

Once I get blown off or deal with stupid shit from someone, I don’t approach them again….if they reach out to me in the future I am always open to considering them. It’s only fair. This isn’t a popularity contest for me. I’m happy if I love the photos and we both have a good fun experience. That is what it’s about isn’t it? No reason to complicate it.

Boudoir photography Nashville


Sexy elegant pool photoshoot

This is a continuation of my shoot with Eeva, my nude model doing a sexy elegant pool photoshoot 🙂 Because it’s not in a bedroom setting, they aren’t technically boudoir photos, but they have a similar feel to them. The ones with swimwear are sexy but definitely don’t have the same flashy-ness and posed glamour feel of Sports Illustrated. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but it’s more contrived and “trying too hard to be sexy” than my native style. I intend my nude and boudoir photos to have a subtle artistic flair to them and natural, as the lover sees, that fly on the wall observation of sex appeal and beauty. Sorry if I can’t explain it well, but some may understand what I’m trying to say, even if a little ambiguous, LOL. We started off with some sexy swimwear and captured the sensuality of night swimming. Innocence lost, but the night sees everything. With Fuji XT-1 and Zeiss Touit 32mm 1.8 . One off camera strobe with parabolic umbrella, and strip softbox rim light off to the side.

Nashville boudoir Nashville boudoir

Nashville boudoirNashville boudoir

Now for the nudes, both mysterious bodyscape style that create a sexy, elegant mystique that many clients love thrown into the mix. The slightest turn of the body or shoulder can make a huge difference in the connected factor of the photograph, and confidence. Which exemplifies sexy. The light, the water on her skin, a Summer night’s dream. The natural feel, the capture of timeless beauty. Forever.

artistic nude Nashville

artistic nude Nashville

artistic nude Nashville

Nothing like a little black and white for contrast and different mood, with the right exposure and tonal range, it is a great feature for most any photoshoot,especially nude photography IMHO. Hope you’ve enjoyed!

artistic nude Nashville

Abandoned metal shop

I recently noticed a West Nashville metal shop has closed and soon to follow, a wood mill in front of it, as they’re looking to develop that land for living and retail crap. Pretty buildings and new developments shouldn’t always win the race, I like buildings like this, lol. It may not be standing long, so I took advantage of the opportunity to do a shoot there with a freelance boudoir and nude model I have worked with before and needed portfolio development. I loved how the sun was going down and we caught the nice backlighting peaking from behind the building. For photo nerds, I used my Fujifilm XT-1 with a 56mm 1.2, and an off camera Elinchrom Quadra with 17″ beauty dish.

Nashville boudoir

Nashville boudoir

edgy model

This particular spot was not populated but was somewhat visible to nearby streets, so we couldn’t safely do full nude, but could push the envelope a little….we weren’t trying to get citations lol. I love distressed locations and seeing the contrast between it, and the lovely models and boudoir clients’ softness and beauty. Plus, it keeps each shoot different than the same old bedroom set some boudoir photographers use. But I have that available too 🙂 Part of the thrill is finding these great locations and using them before they get razed. We even found a bulldozer there, she made it look pretty 🙂

sexy photos

sexy photos

Life after people and one nude lady remains

This is the other part of the last shoot at the abandoned house, down the hill and off to the side was a rickety shed / mini barn and a gutted trailer home. Between those falling structures and the overgrown weeds and foliage, it made for the perfect canvas for some beautiful outdoor artistic nude photography with my model. With the dilapidated structures and overgrowth it made me think of a life after people concept. There was no sign of life around there, even tossed bottles. It looks as though that place had not been touched in years.

It could almost be like there was one survivor in the world after the big disaster that wiped out the population, she emerged from the depths and cleaned herself up, and is trying to assess damage and rebuild civilization…and feels a little peace when she sees at least something familiar stands. Or maybe she is just a fluid and well posed graceful nude model adding a touch of beauty to a troubled and neglected location. Like a diamond in the rough. Here are the photos, be inspired and conceptualize how you see fit 🙂

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New abandoned house and nude model

I was out with a fellow photographer friend who also loves abandoned buildings and houses, we were looking for an abandoned hospital I remember seeing in Madison, TN. and I remembered seeing some sign about tuberculosis, maybe something in my mind was foggy. But we found the hospital, or so I think, on Due West Ave. It was having work done, and being used in parts for other purposes I think, we saw no way in, so it was a bust. While on back roads, we accidentally found an abandoned house up on a hill, so we decided to investigate. It had appeared to be abandoned for minimum of 5 years. Inside wasn’t that interesting, wood grain paneling on the walls, and most everything was stripped.

I found the outside area most interesting, with the overgrown weeds, weathered paint under the carport workshop area, busted windows and a kitchen sink with cabinets under the carport…so I had a traveling nude model visiting from out of town and we were updating her nude photography modeling portfolio. I thought of this place to bring her. I love abandoned structures being the paths less traveled and not recognized. Plus the character and story they tell. First a few of the house 🙂

fine art nashville

fine art photography nashville

fine art photography nashville

Now, for the nude model outside the house, next article I will feature some artistic nude photos of her posing by the disheveled shed and gutted trailer, on the side of the property….this guy had a mini compound going on. Yup, there are several boudoir photographers in Nashville, but I make sure they are one of a kind, not like what the last client had 😉 Enjoy!! Oh, for photographer nerds, for the outdoor ones, I used an off camera strobe and a neutral density filter for added contrast and background exposure control.

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artistic nude photos nashville

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Abandoned location nudes

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope these lovely nude photos, part deux with Eeva, the nude model at the abandoned hotel / restaurant. I love how we were able to use the distress and texture of the building and the vines with Fall colors to create a nice compliment to her lovely nude body, and make a photograph. Some I used off camera lighting to overpower the sun’s shadows, and others I used natural light with a fill reflector to fill in shadows. It was a beautiful day, alight chill in the air but the warmth of the sun made it a dream to work that day. Once we surveyed the floor and wall space to make sure there was no risk of injury and eliminate any hazards, we went to work. We walked around the whole building and found this beautiful distressed wood door, like a barn door, and some Fall foliage growing on it. One thing about nude photography that is eye appealing is the fluid and organic movement of the subject, and the confidence and care free nature captured in her soul. Something every man should find beautiful.

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We also took advantage of a wall with some graffiti, was careful to use shallow depth of field so it wasn’t as distracting as far as competing with her as a focal point of the image. Nice natural and reflected light, perfect for some shadow for nude figure study and classic imagery. Hope you’ve enjoyed, let us know how we can personalize an intimate photoshoot for you, whether clothed, lingerie, boudoir, implied nude or full nude.

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