Boudoir album samples

I am in the process of putting together a boudoir album for a client now. We did some mysterious shadow play implied nudes in my studio, and then I went to her beautiful home and finished her personal photoshoot in their bar, and master suite with a gorgeous luxurious bed. And beautiful window lighting. As always, I am discreet for the sake of my clients, whether career or family related, many do not want any photos of their boudoir or artistic nude photoshoot surfacing online, understandable. It’s times like these it would be beautiful to update my portfolio with, but I do that with clients who are ok with it, and models I work with, problem solved 😉 Some are ok with me using the photos that do not reveal their face, one reason the mysterious nature of the bodyscapes are what you see several of on this website 🙂

These boudoir albums are a popular option with my clients, because digital files alone aren’t secure if left on their computer or other hard drive. Also, this tells a story and provides a much more elegant presentation, and it’s timeless. Great way for their significant other or spouse to enjoy for a lifetime. Also, no embarrassment of trying to get printed or “conveniently” shared at a photo department which shouldn’t be printing photos to begin with, lol. Also, many labs have a no nudity policy. This way I handle it all and the labs I deal with are professional and accountable, here are a couple samples….of course my choice of color would not be red or gray, but more rather black or espresso….in some cases a hard cover photographic cover. All albums have lay flat seamless bind, no gutter in the center of the book, and nice thick pages, printed on lustre finish. These are boudoir album samples of the premium leather option, inquire today about your custom photoshoot!!

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Farrell Gallery site relaunched!

It’s a great day in Farrell Gallery land, as the revamped Farrell Gallery site relaunched! We kept some of the existing design elements in place, but the main differences are the following –

-The entire site is now in WordPress, which means better customization and SEO tools for me, and added functionality for the user. Including a more mobile friendly photo gallery, where the user can thumb through without looking for that annoying next button. This also makes it easier for desktop viewers. Oh, I decided to move the personal art photos to the Jay Farrell Photography Pinterest page and leave this site for human subjects only, as my clients would seek me out for

-New header with more artistic appeal, that better fits the site and represents the artistic services I offer. Nude and boudoir photography is a very personal service, hoping the simplified and intimate approach resonates better with visitors. I feel this and the basic description of the services offered better defines the site.

-Blog better matches the rest of the site, and remember you can subscribe to this blog for free. There are regular articles about artistic nude photography, boudoir, updates from recent shoots, model and photography discussion, as well as some deep spiritual enlightenment even starting as random topics. Hope you enjoy and I welcome your feedback!

-Coming soon……customer testimonials on sidebar.

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Boudoir / fine art albums

I’m pleased to announce my new partnership with Artisan State, an album company I am using for fine art and boudoir albums.  

If you visit their website, you can see the various styles of albums they offer, and that all their albums are seamless bind, or flush mount, meaning there is no gutter puff up in the center of the book at the page seam. Once you open the book, you can continue a photo spread from one page to the other, also known as a double truck in the publication world, and there is no interruption from a book gutter. This is a perfect gift to give a significant other or spouse from your boudoir or artistic nude private photoshoot!

I would recommend cover style and photo paper surface based on what I know about how my work prints best, and the styling of your particular photoshoot. This is a nice way to have an elegant print presentation that is still private. Books come in all sizes, the design and layout of the photos are printed directly on the pages, design will be timeless and not look like the guy with the mullet in 20 years, lol. Most couples who have these boudoir albums keep them accessible but not public…and I have heard of traveling business class husbands taking the books with them so they can be reminded of what awaits them at home 🙂 Presentation boxes are also available to ensure the book’s preservation. Ask about your session and album today 🙂

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Book valentines day shoots now :)

OMG, we are down to a month away from Valentines Day! There is still time to book your personal photoshoots and get the finished product in time for the holiday gift for yourself or significant other! I do anything from artistic nude and implied nude in studio or on location, to boudoir and lingerie photography. All sessions come with the best photos of the day, retouching is always provided so you look your best. In most cases, the culling and retouching process is done in one week or less. Digital files are delivered on Dropbox or USB device. Turnaround time for prints is also less than a week, delivered to your door or mine. The best lab prints on the market with some of my favorite matte or lustre photographic paper.

Boudoir / fine art nude albums also available, flush mount and seamless bind, full color printed on real photographic paper with photographic cover….or leather cover. Turnaround time with design and printing, shipping usually 2-3 weeks. A great timeless keepsake, and portable for the traveling spouse available in all colors. Next article will have more in depth information about these custom and affordable boudoir albums. There is still time, please ask about your photoshoot today and I will be happy to provide a quote 🙂 Best gift ever. 🙂



Printing intimate photos

With each client comes unique needs especially with nude or implied nude photography sessions, or even lingerie / boudoir. I’ve always been a firm believer that providing digital files to clients and calling it a day isn’t really helping the client, or the representation of the photographer’s work. With intimate sessions, most clients prefer prints to place in albums, or custom designed print albums. In most cases it isn’t feasible to hang large canvases or mounted / framed photos on the wall, for these intimate style photos. Not exactly family or guest friendly, LOL. And most couples want something classy and elegant to keep between them and keep it as a keepsake or memento. This is where albums or scrapbook style books with photo prints come in handy. Perfect visual elements, yet discreet.

I much prefer to handle the printing. It’s the business I’m in, I know the good labs, and the bad ones…and I only want a good representation of my work. Otherwise I’m leaving it up to the customer to print, when they aren’t trained with knowing what a good print is, color managing or papers / finishes, archival quality etc. And not only that, with nude or implied nude photos, you can’t walk into a loss leader retailer lab like Wal Mart or a pharmacy, and get those printed. They all have nudity policies. Let’s not forget the awkwardness factor even if they did! A lady walks into a makeshift lab with nude photos of herself….well….yea. You get the idea. Most people would go straight to one of those places if they want a photo printed, or attempt to print at home. Where limited papers are available and the average user won’t have a color managed workstation. I cringe at the thought.

Sure, the loss leader print labs are cheaper than I can sell the prints for, but with me handling the printing, it ensures these things:

-I let my lab handle it (on the West Coast), and there is no contact between them and the customer, for extra discretion.

-Based on the tonal range and mood of the photo, I select the best print surface, whether lustre, matte, etc. You did not see me mention the tacky high gloss, LOL.

-Heavier paper weight and better archival quality, and colorfastness over the years, and the color and black and white profiles are accurate. I’ve seen some pretty gnarly prints from loss leader retailers. They sell TV’s and underwear, they’re not printing experts.

I’m not out to clean peoples’ wallets out, but if they are investing in a personal photo shoot, it’s silly to cut corners and hire a professional photographer and buy substandard prints to save a few bucks…which dumbs down the final result. A pro lab is so worth it, let’s all work as a team to create the best images, as well as finish them for you 🙂

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New Military discount

What more All American occasion to announce this than the 4th of July? I’ve had an influx of military wives and girlfriends coming in the studio to get some beautiful artistic nude photography, implied nude, or lingerie photos made for their significant other either serving overseas, or locally. Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Veterans Day, anniversaries and birthdays have always been wonderful occasions to give the gift of beautiful intimate photography that lasts a lifetime, and beyond that too! I have some awesome photos with dog tags and camo, but my recent clients are keeping it private so I can’t share them here, sorry 😛

I was asked if I provide military discounts, and I came up with something. Starting now, I am offering 20% off print orders! That covers prints, gallery wraps and canvases, wooden block prints, coffee table books, etc.! I appreciate the brave men and women serving our great country and am glad I am able to give back by providing beautiful nude art, as well as a little help for the wallet 🙂 Happy 4th and thank you U.S. Troops!

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