What to look for in boudoir photographer

With boudoir photographers, there are lots of choices….some have boutique studios and do great work….some, their studio is their saving grace, because they obviously don’t know a damn thing about capturing the female form, or photography itself, LOL. Also, there are those with no studio or basic studios, of different skill sets. I think either way, it’s important to hire a good boudoir or artistic nude photographer, for the most flattering angles and overall comfortable experience, as well as best self esteem preservation.

I think the most common mistakes made when hiring an intimate photographer are worrying too much about their gender, and their studio props. It’s funny how some get so inundated with that, they don’t even see if their work sucks ass. My particular style is simplistic but very detailed with my lighting and composition. If the client wants a certain setting, we use their home or a boutique hotel…problem solved.

Red flags in their work are :

-Unflattering angles. Whether a female shooter or not….what’s this going to do to your self esteem? Do it right if you’re going to do it.

– Overdoing the retouch process. Do you really want to look like a china doll? Gross.

-Dated hair and makeup transformations that don’t look like the real them, eww.

You get the idea. It’s best to keep an open mind and carefully view their work and have a conversation with your prospective artist. Then you can gauge comfort and vision for your personal photoshoot, and feel like a beauty queen when you see the results πŸ™‚


Satisfaction of delivering boudoir album

I was so happy with the outcome of the black leather book from Artisan State, artistic nude photography album for a private client….I received it, and did all the needed proofing to make sure the design and printing, binding etc were all up to par. I absolutely loved it, and so badly wish I could post photos of the boudoirΒ  / nude album. But soon will do a shoot with a nude model and make a studio sample album I can share πŸ™‚ Private clients have family and career related concerns and need discretion.

I had the album carefully packed in the box….it fit inside my backpack, I got on the motorcycle on the nice Spring day and delivered it to the client, who would soon present it to her husband as a special gift. As I was enjoying the sun and fresh air, cruising along, I thought about the shadow play and high contract black and white implied and nude images from the studio….and images from inside their beautiful home with the natural ambient light hugging the curves of her body. A capture of the natural morning desire of his woman waking up and getting out of bed, seeing her bare hip exposed as she pulls the sheets back, and it goes from there….even see her walking across the floor nude as she gets in the shower after some stretching and looking out the window….all things that should get his motor running and always be able to preserve the love, attraction, and intimacy between them. I feel a great reward knowing I can help them keep that alive πŸ™‚

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Communication during boudoir or nude photoshoot

I’ve seen and been asked to critique different photographers’ work, we do that for each other when in our social or professional circles. It’s always a shame to see a photograph so well lit, and composed, yet it’s missing energy or the angle / expression is lacking. Communication during boudoir or nude photoshoots is crucial to the result. Doing any kind of portrait work, there needs to be some direction and communication between the photographer and the subject. When venturing into model photography or nude and boudoir photography, it’s essential to have communication, not too little, not too much. The experience of the photographer teaches the balance.

It’s especially important to talk to the models (or any subject) with boudoir or nude photography because they feel more vulnerable and it takes experience for even nude models to develop confidence and lead the shoot, as they sometimes have to do with student photographers. The key, especially when working with clients who are not used to doing this, I play music, keep the mood fun, easy going, and positive….I don’t go overboard on compliments and never comment directly on any of their physical attributes. I just encourage them to move or turn a certain way, instill certain moods in them, tell them when they’re doing good. Keeping it positive and positive reinforcement when an angle needs to be changed helps. I also from time to time explain what I’m envisioning as I am shooting, so they have an idea what to expect in the final product. It does wonders for their confidence to be given enough direction in a positive fun way. But it’s creepy to be totally silent, say too much, or compliment the subjects. It’s rewarding when they enjoy their session and love the photos.

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Problems with inexperienced boudoir photographers

The culprits are the Groupon boudoir photography deals….sure, we all love a great deal, but these types of photos require a special skill set. Not some dork who owns a camera. LOL. Everyone has to start somewhere, sure. New law students can’t take cases yet. The best way for fine art figure photographers, nude or boudoir, to learn is by understanding the body, angles, posing, and working with different body types, avoiding unflattering angles etc. As well as learning lighting, what lighting to use to create a certain mood or what lighting to use with a specific subject. Position of hands, neck, etc. are also small details that affect the overall mood of the photo a lot. Lens choice is also a factor, as far as different body types. It’s best for new glamour, boudoir, or nude art photographers to learn these theories, as well as learn from experienced models, who help them understand what angles work and what doesn’t. Starting off with experienced models will teach them a lot, and it’s the best way to learn technique and form, before entering the free market as a glamour, nude or boudoir photographer.

I still work with models for portfolio development and updating….but most of my clients are women who don’t normally do this, and need direction. I have had many clients who do extremely well with minimal direction, the biggest asset is not always experience in their case….but willingness to try, and take positive direction on set. Giving these subjects a little direction, helping them pose and shooting around their body type and best angles, and making it a fun, comfortable experience. Models know what to do, are more comfortable doing it, and have fewer limiting angles. This is why photographers marketing themselves to the wife, or girlfriend, and not just the nude model, should be knowledgeable in these areas. Poorly executed intimate photos can result in an uncomfortable experience for an already nervous and vulnerable client. Not to mention cause self esteem issues. Mothers with body changes or postpartum depression is a whole other twist to this conversation. There’s no room for error. It needs to be a comfortable, positive experience for them, flattering photos, and discretion.

I’ve heard some people say, oh anyone could take a sexy photograph of a sexy woman…..let me fix that for you. Anyone can butcher the hell out of a sexy woman’s photo. When self confidence, comfort, overall experience, and sexy photos that her significant other will treasure are the goal, it pays to choose wisely and avoid inexperienced photographers.

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Furniture and props

I talked to a friend last week, who is one of Atlanta’s best photographers, and does a lot of fine art and boudoir photography himself. I was telling him about the relaunch of this site, and just what’s been going on and where we are both at. I told him I feel like I have an advantage over the increasing number of boudoir studios in Nashville, because my particular style is different, I care less about the furnishings and props and more about the female form and lighting, mood etc. which I am known for. But also I’m at a disadvantage because many women like the furnishings etc. My studio is basic and I do not have much in the way of props and furniture. I certainly have the option of going further with furnishing the studio….but like I told my friend, I don’t really care much about that, because that’s not what makes my work.

I’m certainly not saying other boudoir studios are wrong for their approach….and I’m not saying the women who want that boutique studio are wrong either. I would get tired of the furnishings after using them on a few shoots. I like to bring something new to every shoot. Most boudoir studios don’t do nude like I do here, so that helps me employ my twist to the style of the lingerie and boudoir shoots I get. One thing my friend said, you don’t need that furniture. If the viewer is more concerned with the furniture in the photos, the capture of the women wasn’t executed well. There has to be a focal subject. Which I completely agree with. In those cases I have used clients’ homes that are set up that way, and it adds a personal touch to their photos….and also I have used nice hotels for this purpose, for those clients who prefer a bedroom setting over outdoor or studio, or their home. It works very well. And I have the option of using a different hotel and different room every time. My goal has always been, while shooting nude photography or any intimate style, to not make the location recognizable. This way it’s about the sensuality of the subject, the mystique of shadows, light, and form. Props and furniture can be handy for that look….but being too worried about that can put our focus in the wrong place. My 2 cents, worth what you paid πŸ™‚

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Valentines sexy boudoir photoshoot!

One of my recent boudoir photography sessions in my studio I am sharing in part here πŸ™‚ My client was doing this for her husband as a valentines day gift…she wanted some lingerieΒ  / boudoir photographs and some elegant implied nude. But understandably, she has to be mindful of what surfaces because of her emerging career. And commonly as I perform these photoshoots, many clients want to keep part or all of it private, between them and their significant other, which means nothing gets used on this site or blog without clearing it with them. Which is what I did here πŸ™‚

Before showing up at my studio, she had her hair and makeup done by a stylist I know, and she picked up some lingerie and bra and panty sets at Hustler Hollywood Nashville, adult novelty and lingerie store . She was a little nervous, understandably, so I worked with her on her form, and tried to help put her mind in a scenario where there was an un distracted and mysterious outing with her husband, and his anticipation of this wonderful gift. Her friend was present to help offer moral support, and was not a talkative distraction which is key. As we rolled along, we were having fun and laughing and the shoot was cruising along. The key for successful results for any boudoir or nude / intimate photographer is to establish trust and comfort with the subject, don’t make them feel more vulnerable, and help build their confidence. Communication, respect, and fun. Part of that is not truncating their body and using flattering angles, etc. Hope you enjoy! Here is a snippet of what this lucky man received πŸ™‚

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New studio and boudoir photoshoot

I had the pleasure of working with one of my repeat customer from about 6 years ago, to do a two part nude and artistic nude photoshoot in my studio and a boudoir and implied nude photoshoot in the couples’ insanely gorgeous bedroom. Perfect for the traditional sense of the word boudoir. She chose me originally because she wanted nude sexy photos done in an artistic way, where shadows and lighting contrast would provide a mysterious and artistic mood to her photos. Where her husband could enjoy the sensuality and sexiness of the nude body, or body in lingerie, but “naughty bits” were controlled by shadows.

This way there was a little something left to the imagination and leaving him wanting more when he comes home. That’s one beautiful thing about this kind of gift. Besides that, it freezes the effects of time that are eventually inevitable. Her goal with this personal intimate photoshoot was for me to make an album for her to give to him for him to enjoy, and take with him when he travels for work. This way he gets to enjoy and be reminded of who is waiting for his return. It’s proven that a wonderful personal gift like this spices up relationships and marriages, and really encourages spontaneous fun.

These are from the studio, cropping was to keep the mystery to go along with the high contract lighting and shadows. Photos are shared with client’s permission since her face isn’t shown in it’s entirety.

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And for the boudoir series in their bedroom, I hope you enjoy!

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Nashville boudoir, lingerie photos

Life after people and one nude lady remains

This is the other part of the last shoot at the abandoned house, down the hill and off to the side was a rickety shed / mini barn and a gutted trailer home. Between those falling structures and the overgrown weeds and foliage, it made for the perfect canvas for some beautiful outdoor artistic nude photography with my model. With the dilapidated structures and overgrowth it made me think of a life after people concept. There was no sign of life around there, even tossed bottles. It looks as though that place had not been touched in years.

It could almost be like there was one survivor in the world after the big disaster that wiped out the population, she emerged from the depths and cleaned herself up, and is trying to assess damage and rebuild civilization…and feels a little peace when she sees at least something familiar stands. Or maybe she is just a fluid and well posed graceful nude model adding a touch of beauty to a troubled and neglected location. Like a diamond in the rough. Here are the photos, be inspired and conceptualize how you see fit πŸ™‚

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Fine art nude photographyΒ  outdoor nude photography

New abandoned house and nude model

I was out with a fellow photographer friend who also loves abandoned buildings and houses, we were looking for an abandoned hospital I remember seeing in Madison, TN. and I remembered seeing some sign about tuberculosis, maybe something in my mind was foggy. But we found the hospital, or so I think, on Due West Ave. It was having work done, and being used in parts for other purposes I think, we saw no way in, so it was a bust. While on back roads, we accidentally found an abandoned house up on a hill, so we decided to investigate. It had appeared to be abandoned for minimum of 5 years. Inside wasn’t that interesting, wood grain paneling on the walls, and most everything was stripped.

I found the outside area most interesting, with the overgrown weeds, weathered paint under the carport workshop area, busted windows and a kitchen sink with cabinets under the carport…so I had a traveling nude model visiting from out of town and we were updating her nude photography modeling portfolio. I thought of this place to bring her. I love abandoned structures being the paths less traveled and not recognized. Plus the character and story they tell. First a few of the house πŸ™‚

fine art nashville

fine art photography nashville

fine art photography nashville

Now, for the nude model outside the house, next article I will feature some artistic nude photos of her posing by the disheveled shed and gutted trailer, on the side of the property….this guy had a mini compound going on. Yup, there are several boudoir photographers in Nashville, but I make sure they are one of a kind, not like what the last client had πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!! Oh, for photographer nerds, for the outdoor ones, I used an off camera strobe and a neutral density filter for added contrast and background exposure control.

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Abandoned location nudes

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope these lovely nude photos, part deux with Eeva, the nude model at the abandoned hotel / restaurant. I love how we were able to use the distress and texture of the building and the vines with Fall colors to create a nice compliment to her lovely nude body, and make a photograph. Some I used off camera lighting to overpower the sun’s shadows, and others I used natural light with a fill reflector to fill in shadows. It was a beautiful day, alight chill in the air but the warmth of the sun made it a dream to work that day. Once we surveyed the floor and wall space to make sure there was no risk of injury and eliminate any hazards, we went to work. We walked around the whole building and found this beautiful distressed wood door, like a barn door, and some Fall foliage growing on it. One thing about nude photography that is eye appealing is the fluid and organic movement of the subject, and the confidence and care free nature captured in her soul. Something every man should find beautiful.

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We also took advantage of a wall with some graffiti, was careful to use shallow depth of field so it wasn’t as distracting as far as competing with her as a focal point of the image. Nice natural and reflected light, perfect for some shadow for nude figure study and classic imagery. Hope you’ve enjoyed, let us know how we can personalize an intimate photoshoot for you, whether clothed, lingerie, boudoir, implied nude or full nude.

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