Casting calls for models

I managed to ruffle a few feathers with the last article about my recent experience with casting for a local model. But most appreciated the article…and in doing so, it brought some like minded models to me that all we needed to do was find each other. It gave me a chance to see what models had to say, about their experience with castings etc. and other issues. This is not designed to be model vs. photographer….we are supposed to see each other as valued members of the team in collaborating. Not resent each other. I feel lucky to have encountered many great models who I work well with and we respect each others’ time. How it should be.

artistic nude photography

Regarding castings….some models seemed disappointed that they answered a casting call online or through an agency and never heard back. It’s like applying for a job. You don’t hear back unless they are interested. I have cast for nude models to update my fine art nude or boudoir photography portfolio….and really can’t reply to all who answer it. If I have questions for who I feel could be the right model, I will contact them….many times they don’t read my casting clearly about the terms of the shoot or requirements. In which case, why would I waste more of my time responding? If I get a personal email or contact through my site, I do respond to all those. So no, it isn’t rude to not reply to models answering castings.


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