Boudoir photoshoot at an abandoned house

It was a beautiful Spring day, a young lady who was visiting Nashville, from Canada of all places,Β  wanted a famous Farrell Gallery boudoir / implied nude photoshoot while she was here πŸ˜€ So we took a ride to the outskirts of town to do her boudoir photoshoot at an abandoned house I knew of. It was nicely tucked away from the road front, and it offered some interesting indoor and outdoor features to use for the photoshoot, as many abandoned properties and buildings do. Upon entering the property, I especially loved the driveway with an overgrown grass median. So of course that required photos! I was glad that she said to feel free to share photos from our shoot, as this shows what I can do with implied nude and boudoir approach more so than fully nude. There is a certain art to making cover ups not obvious and contrived. Now, for the driveway I was talking about.

outdoor boudoir

Nashville boudoir

In the back of the house was a screen porch, nothing but open field and trees surrounding the house. It appears the house had been abandoned for years, judging by the mold inside and deterioration inside it, not to mention some furniture left behind! Part of the fun is exploring the house and it’s contents. But I make it a rule to never take anything or leave the place in different condition from where I found it.

Nashville boudoir

boudoir photoshoot

That natural and intimate, yet vulnerable moment, as if she wakes in the morning to get fresh air and start the day, the subtle and sensual draping sliding down her body. My approach for boudoir is far from traditional, but if I did it like everyone else, there would be no reason to come to me πŸ˜› My choice of locations is often different, as I love the contrast and texture that accentuates the beauty of the female form. Now for inside the house, I especially loved the front room, downstairs bathroom, and staircase.

Nashville boudoir

Nashville boudoir

Nashville boudoir

boudoir Nashville

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and this young lady cherishes the photos from her session eternally. Finishing out with some from the bathroom, looks like the wallpaper was removed and left a cool texture, yes please!!

implied nude

implied nude Nashville

boudoir photos nashville




Is a boudoir shoot for me?

The age old question…. Is a boudoir shoot for me? I’ve seen some of these discussions online, particularly in wedding forums, many are curious and intrigued that their friends have done it. Tossing the scenarios around in their own mind…..morality, comfort, what will the significant other or spouse think when he / she gets that gift, what if someone sees it, this photographer will see me half naked. Let’s talk about that.

An experienced photographer who does boudoir or nude/ intimate work knows the body, and seeing yours does nothing for us. – As a follow up from last article, about hiring the best boudoir or nude photographer, hiring the right one is supposed to give you a comfortable experience, not the other way around. If you’re curious, browse your favorite photographers, analyze what you feel are their strengths that are most compatible with your favorite work and vision, and get to know their process. As well as who you feel comfortable with and knows how to work with your unique body type. Skill is better than pillow arrangement. Most of us know some of you are on the fence, or are afraid of the shoot feeling awkward. We know this isn’t for everyone, and it would be counter productive for us to try to talk an unwilling participant into doing something they don’t feel good about. You just have to be honest with yourself as to the reasons you have those feelings.

nude photography nashville

If you’ve done your research and still think it’s “dirty” or something you’d feel ashamed of if someone else found out, maybe it’s not for you. –Β  Or perhaps consider that we live in a society, particularly in the U.S. that can be shallow and judgmental, many philistines. There is nothing wrong with nude art and certainly not boudoir work. For the most part, you should think of it as something between you and your significant other or spouse. Obviously, you don’t want huge wall prints of your nude butt or chest in lingerie hanging on your wall. That’s why most of my private clients buy albums, it’s a timeless and discreet way to present the gift. And consider the fact that it’s the time in your life frozen in time. This is something you have to know for yourself.


Hiring the best boudoir or nude photographer

I know it’s a personal and sometimes touchy decision, but today I am giving tips to the ladies on hiring the best boudoir or nude photographer for you. Any boudoir or intimate photographer worth their salt understands that many of you have never done anything like this before and are slightly nervous, understandable. We want this to be a fun and rewarding, liberating experience that only increases self confidence.

Good isn’t cheap, and cheap isn’t good.- I had a lady come to me who appreciated my non-traditional boudoir work, and was more interested about the female form being captured, and she liked my lighting. Good, because that’s what separates me from boudoir studios in their more pure form. She had a groupon deal and told me, something should have told me that the price was too good to be true. I thought I was back in 1992 at Glamour Shots and I looked like a cow in half of them, LOL!~ We had a good time and by me knowing her and her needs, she got what she came for. We did a lovely personalized shoot at her home.

artistic nude

Know what strengths your photographer has and what is important to you – Personally, my area of expertise is the female form in it’s simple context, lighting, and angles. Mood and texture as well. I’m not strong in set design, nor do I care about it, most of my shoots are on location and fit the client’s passion as well. I’ve seen some magnificent boudoir work where the photographer captured the form well and the place looked nice. Personally I find too many furnishings and accessories taking away from the form. I’ve also seen some absolutely ghastly work where I could tell the photographer may have been good at set design (which I find unnecessary and distracting sometimes, but many disagree, lol), but didn’t know a fucking thing about photography or capturing the female form. Plus horrid Photoshop. Which the latter are my strengths. Select one for the strengths, use them, don’t ask them to become someone else.

Nashville boudoir and nude photography

Personality– Who encourages you to meet before the shoot for a consultation and you get to know each other and put you at ease? That’s something most of us would offer, I know I do. Do you share passion on the vision for your shoot? Is this someone you feel has knowledge and professionalism necessary for you to feel comfortable going forward? I know I’m not for everyone. Some feel that because I’m a man, they can’t be comfortable…whatever, I make no apologies for that. Those willing to give it a chance and at least meet with me know that what they gain is photography and form knowledge, as well as a fun experience. I’m not trying to be like the standard boudoir studios….different client. As a client, you just have to know what is important to you.

Motel series with long exposures

Oooooooh I may have saved the best part for last. This was just under a two hour photoshoot, we covered some fine art figure nudes, and conceptual long exposure photography all in one tiny motel room and utilizing every area of the room. I like that challenge. All that was left by this point was a small bathroom….luckily it was an older tile bathroom with some character, not the boring hotel bathroom with the neutral colors. So, there’s a toilet, a sink, and a tub / shower. Usually you wouldn’t incorporate a toilet with intimate shoots, and shower photos have been done to death on the internet. Especially with flatly lit on camera flash and glam shower poses. So, it was time to shift gears from figure nudes to conceptual and dark. The toilet was even going to get some use. Now keep in mind, probably none of my private clients would have me do anything like this for them, but I like conceptual work for galleries, and to hone my creative skills. Good inspiration for future.


Most of us have been here before, after a rough night πŸ™‚ Some shutter drag on a tripod for effect πŸ™‚

dark concept, long exposure, shutter drag

Dark, grim, love it! It also takes a great model to be able to be a chameleon like that. Now for some long exposure shower photos…8 second shutter speed with very robotic and deliberate motions, and stillness. It takes both a patient model and photographer to pull this off, not something you see much of. But I felt it was the most interesting way to utilize the concept and look.

shutter drag, long exposure photography, long exposure nudes, double exposure

shutter drag, long exposure photography, long exposure nudes, double exposure

shutter drag, long exposure photography, long exposure nudes, double exposure

shutter drag, long exposure photography, long exposure nudes, double exposure

I hope you’ve enjoyed these, I feel inspired and ready to serve private clients with their boudoir and nude photography heirlooms. As well as to create a fun memorable experience for them, and for them to give a gift that will be cherished forever.

Motel in the hood nude series 2

I hope you enjoyed the first of the series last post, of model Eclipse Monday and some low key lighting figure nudes. When you think of boudoir or indoor nudes, the first idea is always on a bed. Why is that? Ironic, I say that and on the last post, the bed is where she started out. So many ways to contort the body in it’s natural, and intimate bedroom setting, good sensuality that comes naturally with that domestic environment. So, we then utilized the furniture which was nothing to look at….so using low key mood lighting, In placed the emphasis on the subject and her body, and glamorous features as opposed to the environment. Even the floor in certain areas. A one bed motel room with a bathroom, how much of a photoshoot can you do there? Well, I am putting the question to test. Are nice huge mansions nice for photoshoots? YES absolutely, but are they always a necessity? No. Welcome to motel in the hood nude series 2.

artistic nude nashville

artistic nudes Nashville

And then there is always a 1960’s-70’s clothes hanging rod practically designed for nude figure study work, LOL! Great way to stretch the body and create interesting symmetry.

figure nudes

figure nude

A 1960’s (I’m guessing?) wall heater in the small hallway to the toilet, for an industrial look. A great photoshoot can happen anywhere. It’s a matter of best utilizing what is there and blending the subject into it.

intimate photos

Nashville boudoir

I hope you’ve enjoyed this part of the series. One final part coming soon, some long exposure work in the old tile bathroom, I may have saved the best for last, though totally different looks and concepts. Stay tuned πŸ™‚

Motel in the hood art nudes

I had a traveling model coming through town, and we decided to do an artistic nude photoshoot and some conceptual photos. It was time to revisit the roadside motel concept as seen before, different small independent Nashville motel in the hood πŸ™‚ This not only supports the underdog to the larger hotel chains, and local small business….but also helps me utilize texture and the older features. Most of all, I can show that beautiful intimate / nude photos can happen anywhere, it doesn’t always take a fancy boudoir studio or hotel, etc. A subject, a seasoned boudoir / nude photographer, and light. And boom. Art happens. Without further delay, motel in the hood art nudes, part one of the series brought to you by Farrell Gallery Nashville!

artistic nude Nashville

artistic nude



I love using shadows and low key lighting love the contrast and how the brush light gently kisses her skin and curves of her body. A mystique and artistic touch to these works in this series. The location could really be anywhere, the lamps in the second photo are about the only motel-ish giveaway. I chose to make the location and ambiance understated and the emphasis on the simple elegant beauty of the model. The hair, the skin, the body, the soul. Just add light and mood. These next 3 have quite a sensual intimate feel, without explicit sexuality.


artistic nude

intimate nude photography

More to come soon! There is more to this small roadside motel room than just the bed. πŸ™‚ I hope you’ve enjoyed this new series so far! Any interested ladies, book your private session today, be beautiful. πŸ™‚



Outlook on travel

I’m chomping at the bit, after doing several sexy photoshoots for ladies for valentines day or their anniversaries, not being able to share photos from any of them, lol. That’s the drill though, they have careers and are not in this to be models or public figures in that way. The good thing, in the middle part of this month, I will be hosting a traveling art nude model….more photos to come then! So, no, I didn’t forget how to do it πŸ˜›

I was talking with a friend from out of state who was going to be visiting Nashville, and he asked me what to do while here. Of course there are the main tourist attractions, some of which might be of interest. But my outlook on travel is different from many. Rather than experience the shrinkwrapped tourist attractions and call it a vacation, I like to experience it through the eyes of a local. Go where locals go, meet locals, and see what the city really has to offer beyond the tourist traps. You will never get to know Nashville if all you do are the riverboat tours, Grand Ole Opry, stay at the Gaylord Hotel, and walk around downtown and buy boots. I’m not saying that those things shouldn’t be part of a visitor’s experience, but I wouldn’t limit it to that. web_A9O6169

There is a whole city here, real entertainment, antiques, theater, parks, restaurants and pubs, outdoor activities on the outskirts. Think beyond the glitter. Just like when I went to Ireland….I could have just done the coast tour, kissed the blarneystone, toured Guinness, and maybe watched some Celtic games. All those are good things, but I couldn’t imagine not walking around Dublin doing street photography, patronizing local pubs, touring a historic prison, Irish Film Institute and photography institute, etc. As well as hopping on a train and visiting seaside villages. Learning their culture is also part of the experience, instead of being an asshole and expecting the culture somewhere else will be like their own, lol. Travel is a way to get unraveled and to get inspired, and to me is a richer experience when approached this way.

Why are we here?

I had a discussion with a friend the other morning that started off about an abandoned house I was going to check out, then it took an unexpected turn. I like when random conversation shifts happen once you’ve moved on from the previous segment of the conversation. Neither of us are into pop culture, but the topic about all these recent deaths came up, especially David Bowie, and other inspirational people. My friend said, they will be remembered for a long time, and have left a legacy, but what about people like us who aren’t famous? What happens when we die? How quickly are we forgotten? Who will remember us? Why are we here? How can we make an impact with the tools we have?

abandoned house

I had to think about it all for a minute. I mean, for the most part, most of us are trying to do what we love, pay our bills and balance our lives between work, social life, family obligations, and make a difference in other peoples’ lives however we can. We don’t always know if we’ve inspired someone, or know what impact we will have on someone else, whether in our lifetime or way into the future. Whether I’m providing a client photos for a lady’s intimate photo session or delivering photos and an album for a wedding I photograph, I captured moments in time for them. And I get to make an income doing what inspires me and what I love doing. One example of this, my aunt gave me some old photos of my dad and his brothers and my grandparents. I don’t know who the photographer was, but they were magnificent photographs and beautiful silver prints. They were probably 75 years old, because my dad was little in the photos. The work of that photographer is still inspiring someone to this day, though he / she is probably long gone.

abandoned house

I look back in my life and think about teachings I’ve had from different people, some I know are long gone. Some of which I can pass along to others. In a way, that’s reusing and recycling in an educational realm. I like to give back whenever I can. Though these days especially, some don’t like anything except validation. But once in a while, I’m pleasantly surprised. You never know when you give something that someone else can use, whether now or later. Just keep doing, the rest is in the control of a force greater than ourselves.


Phone calls

It’s interesting how over the years, the paradigm for phone calls and cell phone use has shifted so much. When I was in my teens, only rich people had cell phones, car phones I think. They’d talk and talk and talk…like shut up already! lol. Later, more of the same with portable cellular phones but everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Later on, texting came out, at first I felt it was a very annoying way to communicate, especially with no QWERTY keyboard. But I later learned it’s value. It was like a pager you could respond to. In my early texting years, in the mid 2000’s, I enjoyed it to a point, but as the conversation became more in depth, and I got back to back texts….I was thinking, just fucking call so we don’t have to waste all this time!

Oak Grove KY

So, here we are, present day. I received an email from a wedding blog publication, givingΒ  reasons why millennials don’t answer their phones. I don’t think this is accurate for all of them, and of course it will all depend on the call. Basically the obvious here. It’s presumptuous to randomly call someone unannounced that they are available to stop what they’re doing and talk. Plus sometimes it can be a distraction and an interruption, a message or email is more passive and allows for a response at the soonest free moment. Maybe I’m becoming like the millennials in that regard, even though technically, I’m generation x. I have the social skills and confidence to talk to people real time, and in some cases it’s the easiest way to sort things. But in many cases, an unannounced phone call especially when I’m not in a place or time when I can talk, is annoying. I answer if I can. That’s about all I can do.

antique cars

I think it’s laziness to be afraid of the phone, but it’s also rude to call someone and not get to the point in this busy day and age. On a personal level, I enjoy catching up with friends, but don’t want to hear long drawn out stories about anything. That’s just inconsiderate of my time. I have a shelf life for the phone, it’s shorter than it used to be, lol. For business, I think it makes it easier in some ways, depending on the preference of the client. It’s easier to get to know them and their unique needs for their nude or boudoir photoshoot by talking in real time. I love face to face meetings with clients. Makes the connection more personal and informative. However, I do prefer to schedule calls so I can clear time out and give the discussion the attention it deserves.

Ideal intimate photo clients

For me, as a freelance fine art nude and non-traditional boudoir figure study photographer, me finding my ideal intimate photo clients is something that takes care of itself in a way. I know most of the market looking for boudoir photos are newly engaged or married, or are looking to do it for an anniversary / valentines day. Most of those prospective intimate photography clients would prefer the more traditional boudoir studio, which usually has female staff. Most of those studios have well designed sets and do a lot of them, with a bright airy feel. Whereas I am more about a blank canvas and focusing on the body and mood lighting. Or we make our own canvas in a residential or outdoor setting, particularly weathered locations πŸ™‚

artistic nude

I offer something different, that will greatly appeal to those looking for my unique style and skill set. It will not appeal to everyone, which I am ok with. A lot of my clients are looking for exactly what I offer, and come from out of town for their shoot, or fly me in. In that case, they look at my work and once they talk to me in form of an email, phone call, or in person pre shoot consultation, they feel comfortable and trust me. I know the more traditional boudoir clientele may not feel comfortable with me being a male photographer, or if their significant other knows about the shoot, may not have the maturity to even consider this option. Also ok. I don’t defend my gender. My work and reputation, and how I conduct myself are my bond. If you like my style and work, great! However, I’m a man, that’s the way it is. That doesn’t mean I don’t have the skills and knowledge of the female form, or the ability to provide a fun comfortable experience. I feel that my website and communication with them sorts it all out, those with different expectations go elsewhere. It all seems to fall into place. I don’t need to compare myself to boudoir studios, we’re different. One looking for one, will not look for the other.

female nude

And as always. πŸ™‚

Farrell Gallery