Recent impromptu couples’ shoot

A couple weeks ago I was out shooting on location in the Gulch in Nashville, which has made a trendy transformation from the wasteland it used to be, lol. It used to be a cut through more or less where the train tracks run between Union Station Hotel and the 12th Avenue neighborhood. Now it’s a hot spot in Nashville with high end restaurants and bars, nightlife, and condos. I was down there with a commercial client shooting some long exposure street scenes and nightlife photography for their entertainment publication. In doing so, we ran across a curious couple who saw what we were doing and wanted to know more. My client told them about the company and the upcoming publication.

I already had a single off camera studio light set up photographing my client in front of one of The Gulch’s condo complexes. They were new in town, he was military, and wanted a photo of them, I said sure, let’s make this my artistic trademark. I used backlighting to create artistic lighting and shadow to create the mystery and intimacy between the couple. These won’t be in the publication but are enjoyed by the couple, we were there and set up anyway, I have to believe there was a reason they were there at that time and were interested in what we were doing. I hope they can always use these photos to keep them close to one another, and strive to never let the intimacy and closeness dwindle.

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