Abandoned truck and house

I know, I suck, I went to New York to visit at Thanksgiving, and I should have spent all my time visiting. But of course I made time to check out abandoned life!! Before coming upon a couple different abandoned houses, I saw this old tow truck along the side of the road, almost missed it!! It’s been years since this old gem has been in service. That’s why I stopped. lol.

old truck old truck old truck old truck

That was cool, only took a few minutes. A cruise through the hill towns, I found this gem off the road, so much overgrowth around it, but was worth getting loaded up with briars on my pants.

abandoned house abandoned house

The back part of the house was in shambles, but the side was intact. I climbed over some rubble and got to the side door. I make it a practice to never break in if there’s not a way in through an openable door or open window, etc. And of course never to touch any stuff i encounter and leave it as I found it.

abandoned house abandoned house abandoned house

I felt some defeat seeing no way in, as the side door was boarded shut and all windows were closed and locked. But I like the optical illusion here with the kitchen and refections from outside of the window.

abandoned house

On my way to visit another friend, I see this uninhabited gem, nice and creepy and really ornate details in this old Victorian era home!

abandoned house abandoned house abandoned house

Such amazing architecture! This is as close as I was able to get to the inside. it turns out the State Police barracks was across the highway from this house, but if the door was openable I’d have taken the chance. I looked in the windows and it was all construction materials, so nothing interesting anyhow. Either someone is stripping materials and getting ready to raze it, or they’re starting to fix it up. I got it while it’s still cool. 🙂

abandoned house abandoned house

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