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Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope these lovely nude photos, part deux with Eeva, the nude model at the abandoned hotel / restaurant. I love how we were able to use the distress and texture of the building and the vines with Fall colors to create a nice compliment to her lovely nude body, and make a photograph. Some I used off camera lighting to overpower the sun’s shadows, and others I used natural light with a fill reflector to fill in shadows. It was a beautiful day, alight chill in the air but the warmth of the sun made it a dream to work that day. Once we surveyed the floor and wall space to make sure there was no risk of injury and eliminate any hazards, we went to work. We walked around the whole building and found this beautiful distressed wood door, like a barn door, and some Fall foliage growing on it. One thing about nude photography that is eye appealing is the fluid and organic movement of the subject, and the confidence and care free nature captured in her soul. Something every man should find beautiful.

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We also took advantage of a wall with some graffiti, was careful to use shallow depth of field so it wasn’t as distracting as far as competing with her as a focal point of the image. Nice natural and reflected light, perfect for some shadow for nude figure study and classic imagery. Hope you’ve enjoyed, let us know how we can personalize an intimate photoshoot for you, whether clothed, lingerie, boudoir, implied nude or full nude.

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