Abandoned farmhouse in Kentucky

Sorry for the absence lately, I’ve been in high gear shooting weddings and getting albums together for clients…..but soon the boudoir and nude photoshoot time will start, and this one particular location I plan on doing just that, with. 🙂 I went to Southern Kentucky, about 45 minutes from where I live in Nashville to visit a friend….we went exploring a little, showing him my Fuji mirrorless camera system he expressed interest in. So he showed me the abandoned farmhouse where his grandparents and uncle lived. It just got too eaten up with termites and roof / foundation problems they had to move out of it. But it’s got such rich character and history, I took it all in when we arrived and thought of what happened there in days gone by. People working the fields, keeping up the house, working in the workshop, etc. In simple times with no internet and cell phones, just country living. So, then I began to vision how I wanted others to see this wonderful architecture masterpiece as seen through my eyes. So it began.


This was an old workshop behind the house, and I managed to get the inside of it, as light barely peeked through. farm house

abandoned barn

farm house

corn field

Now for the farm house! I plan on doing a fine art nude photoshoot and perhaps some conceptual long exposure photos there with a model so I can update my work. Therefore showing more diversity to private clients who want nude or boudoir photography done 🙂 Stay tuned.

farm house

old house


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