Abandoned farm house

A while back, I went up to Kentucky to visit friends, it was late and dark when I was on my way back. Windows were down and the Foo Fighters were playing on my speakers….all I had was moonlight. I had noticed this abandoned farm house you can see from the interstate before, just wasn’t prepared to do anything with it at the time….that night I saw the outline of it in the moonlight, when I looked for it in the dark. The gears in my head were turning. I did not have my gear with me, or a flashlight to light paint with. Well, I knew it was time to put a plan in motion. There always runs a high risk of any abandoned house being demolished, if you don’t act quickly and photograph it. 🙂


One day last week, after finishing a nude photography session in my studio, I got on the motorcycle and placed my camera body and telephoto lens in my backpack, and made a trip to photograph this marvelous house with so much character. I had to go an exit too far, and turn around, since the house was facing that way. The only access I had to this house was along side the interstate, since it was miles from the nearest exit, and it was on someone’s private land. I pulled the motorcycle far off to the side and I walked up to the fence and in my mind composed my shot. You could hear the sound of birds chirping, wind through the trees, and cars and trucks flying by. I would see random things at my feet like grass blades, soda bottle tops, etc. that passer by’s would be going too fast to notice. I was trying to envision in my mind when the last time this house was inhabited, the Sunday meals cooked in it…if the interstate came long after the house and that was the reason the family no longer lived there? Who knows. The land was obviously maintained, and there were 2 barns there in the distance.

abandoned farm house

I carefully composed and exposed each image, and only took maybe 10 total. With high stakes with the distance, this may sound crazy, but this is the discipline that makes photographers, not guessers. I also wanted to get a slightly different composition than the broad one above, to show the texture and distress of the house’s architecture, as well as the carefully stored stuff on the front porch.

abandoned farm house web_A9O6169

It’s the little breaks and inspiring assignments like this that keep me inspired and keep my vision renewed. It helps inspire all elements of my work and stay in touch with not only my love for being a peoples’ image maker, but my love for photography.


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