Hartsville TN abandoned

It was getting cold and we forgot to pack sandwiches in the cooler, so we had hoped to find a store or sandwich shop somewhere. We weren’t exactly sure where we were headed and decided to rely on our sense of true North. Especially since we hoped to find at least a couple more abandoned gems. We ended up in Hartsville, so we grabbed a bite and then set out to explore some Hartsville TN abandoned life.

abandoned hartsville tn

We stopped to shoot this abandoned house as we took some randomly selected back road. A car slowed down and a young lady asked if we were realtors. Nope, we are not. LOL! She was telling us a bit about the area and this particular house was a drug house the police raided and shut down. So that’s good to know to add to the story. Well…in we went!

abandoned Tennessee abandoned Tennessee

Housekeeping is laying down on the job perhaps!

abandoned Tennessee abandoned Tennessee abandoned Tennessee abandoned Tennessee

The drizzle started, it was cold. We thought we hit a dead end, but the town square area of Hartsville was really cool. I rarely return to the same area but we may have to, There were some antique vehicles that caught our eyes. After circling the area and seeing some cool architecture, we decided to make our way back to Lebanon and hit the interstate back to Nashville.

antique truck antique car abandoned Tennessee

Well, we were heading back, but saw this old abandoned house up on the top of this steep hill along the roadside. Of course that required a hike, and the payoff was gold! The only way in was through an open window, due to overgrowth and a down tree. It had probably been 30 years or more since anyone lived there, but we think it was a hobo or hitchhiker stop at times. There was a mattress that had not yet wasted away and a tattered moth eaten pair of pants hanging on the wall. So that’s why we think it has been inhabited long after the time someone lived in it.

abandoned Tennessee abandoned house abandoned house abandoned house abandoned house abandoned house abandoned house

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Hartsville TN abandoned house photos, more exploration to come and back to business with nude and intimate photoshoots!