Self preservation

I’m not a therapist or counselor, but as a creative artist, I know a lot about human emotions as my visual and emotional senses are very keen. It’s my job to notice things about people and their core that other don’t think of. That is both a gift and a curse, because I internalize a lot of what I know. Therefore, finding that healthy balance through reflection, self preservation, and inspiration, is of the utmost importance for good overall mental health.

myrtle beach

I’ve learned over the years that there are certain friendships and relationships to put stock in, and there are others that are superficial. It’s human nature for me to be a giver, and I don’t mean money or material goods. But more rather love and friendship as it’s meant to be. Not everyone treats it as well as you give it. In this situation, it’s ok and healthy to use different self preservation tactics to set boundaries and avoid staying in an unhealthy situation with someone else. This is true of both friendships and romantic relationships.

spiritual reflection

It’s healthy to allow yourself to feel. It’s healthy to allow yourself to love. It’s healthy to allow yourself to feel vulnerable. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Sadly, in certain relationships, the other person doesn’t always have your best interest in mind, even if unintentional. Hurt people hurt people, often inadvertently. When you want different things, or inconsistency, confliction, and contradiction cause you to feel anxiety, depression, and overall unrest, only you can put a stop to it. Hey, this isn’t good for me! It’s healthy to try to resolve things with the other person, if you see something rewarding about the relationship.


Those feelings are not ok, and if it’s love, you won’t have to feel that. When someone shows you or tells you who they are, believe them. Be true to yourself and don’t let them manipulate and take away joy from your life. Sometimes it’s healthy to create that separation and cut all ties if that’s what helps you move on. It’s not being petty. It’s ok to decide that a person no longer deserves to have you in their life. Or that they no longer deserve to know what is going on in your life. It’s self preservation. If you know you gave your love and they mistreated it, you have to put yourself first and either set boundaries or bail.


This has happened to me, and it never stops hurting when I think about it. But in the end, only I can set my own destiny. You’re not responsible for the actions of others, but you are responsible for letting the actions of others affect you. It’s not up to you to deal with karma when it comes to the actions of others or how they treated you. Peoples’ actions always eventually follow them, but it’s not for you to worry about. Losing you and the love you gave them is all you can dish out. It is often necessary to reshape those thoughts because when they invade your brain, it’s no laughing matter.

beach sunrise

Why the beach pictures? I recently returned from there. I went there for spiritual and personal reflection, and of course inspiration. I had some garbage to clear from my head. Nothing happens instantaneously but it’s an important step of the process. Always find inspiration and don’t be afraid to reach out to loved ones who care about you. You’d be amazed how clearly people who know you see things.