Helping people move

I know it’s been a while! I’ve done some intimate photoshoots I am not at liberty to share publically, but have been busy with wedding season. Nothing like some deep and random discussion that my readers love. This one is about helping people move. I’ve moved twice since living in Nashville, and I can recall a few people who helped. But we had an established friendship and there was history there, of mutual friendship. Not always an easy find. I’ve helped quite a few people move over the years, and including some of the ones who have helped me. In recent years, I’ve begun to feel a little differently about it.

There are a very small handful of people I’d help move today. That may sound a bit cold, or selfish…but hear me out. In our 20’s, moving was more frequent and we had less shit. In my 40’s now, I’m conscious about how much stuff I keep, because I have moved. I hate clutter too. I can still physically do it, I have endurance and strength. But I run the risk of personal injury like back problems, or whatever. Why? Because they don’t want to hire cheap labor or professional movers? Nope.

Especially the moving party deals. You show up, and most of their shit isn’t even packed! Especially if it’s relatively short notice. If you’re going to ask me to help you do a painfully hideous task, like move your stuff….at least have the respect for my time to have things packed and ready! Entitled presumptuous crap. Helping people move, it’s either a noble deed, if you set a time and keep it productive. Or a total waste of time! The high risk of inefficiency or moderate risk of injury are enough for me to say nope. It would be a rarity nowadays to say yes.