Bringing someone to intimate photoshoots

This is not really targeted towards the model, but the lady doing an intimate photoshoot for herself or her spouse / significant other. I would expect a model to be able to work without a counterpart. Sometimes it feels natural to bring someone close to them while doing their photoshoot for moral support. I get it. Although my approach and style is different from the standard boudoir studio, I am still all about providing a fun and unique experience. I understand my private clients are often first timers doing any sort of intimate photoshoots whether nude or implied nude. With my clients, most do not plan on bringing someone to intimate photoshoots because of the awkward factor. By then we have met for a consultation or spoken in detail about their photoshoot. That’s the best way for them to feel comfortable with me and the creative process.

natural light boudoir

I never tell them they can’t bring someone, but a careful selection is encouraged. If a client wants to, It’s not acceptable for that person to distract or start offering ideas. Or create any other negative energy that takes away from the creative process. I’ve done this for a long time and am experienced working with people and the female form. It’s not in my interest to provide anyone a bad experience or one that isn’t for them. I’ve had mostly good experiences even with those accompanying clients. If they’re a fly on the wall and not disruptive, it’s all good.


I recently had a potential client ask me about her bringing her mom which was a bit of a surprise. The problem is moms are more likely to play the “protector” role or start offering opinions, which is not conducive to our shoot. And doesn’t that seem a bit awkward? An observer is one thing. A “bodyguard” or busybody would waste my time and yours. It’s an intimate photoshoot, not family hour. So, if I ask about what our experience would be with that person, that’s the information I’m after. Bringing someone to intimate photoshoots if chosen wisely, ok. The idea is to keep it fun and productive to achieve the best results. Don’t bring someone who will create tension or an awkward distraction. Or equally bad, call extra attention to us if we are using an abandoned building or property.