Residential setting intimate photoshoot

I re-convened with a freelance model friend who needed a portfolio update. She seems to shine in outdoor and domestic settings, isn’t as much into abandoned spots as I am, LOL! So we decided to do this fun and difficult challenge. A residential setting intimate photoshoot. She shares a house with 2 others, and we thought we’d use it. Her room she was afraid wasn’t usable because it was an attic bedroom. I keep telling everyone, where there is a subject, there is a photograph. Light and compose around what you do and do not want to show of the setting. I like challenges because that is what keeps skills honed, and it will for both the photographer and subject. Here is a backyard shed that had some interesting texture.

Nashville sexy photo

sexy photos

Next we did some implied nude in a bedroom setting, for simple but sexy. Nothing but a camera, the two of us, and a Westcott Ice Light with barn doors. The key is to keep the flow of the hair and body natural, and not look contrived.

Nashville boudoir

I like the playful energy, and intimate feel to these. I hope you enjoy this mini series with model Kaila 😀 You’re welcome.


implied nude

First anniversary intimate photoshoot

This first anniversary intimate photoshoot commemorates a milestone, and was indeed a great photoshoot. This intimate collection offered a beautiful personal touch that this young lady is presenting as a gift to her husband. It’s their first anniversary and it seemed like yesterday that they got married. Life gets busy, careers and new living adjustments, new adventures, and making time to remember the joys of life. There is no more special gift with a strong personal touch than a gift of an intimate / boudoir photoshoot for her husband. She wanted an emphasis on the lines and curves of the body rather than the typical parlor look of traditional boudoir photos, so she came to me 🙂 She even included some of her bridal accessories.

intimate bridal shoot

Nashville boudoir

Of course there were some that were implied nude and some of her face to add a personal touch, but those are for her husband’s eyes only. However, she graciously agreed to let me share a few of the more mysterious photos that would keep her anonymity. It’s my job as a fine art nude and intimate photographer to provide a fun, comfortable and discreet experience for the client and respect her wishes. I am glad to see people appreciate the simple and elegant form over props, and appreciate the soul, body, and it’s features.

bodyscape, nashville boudoir