Seeing your lover in a new light

I may be a little biased in saying this, but a visual artist will see people and their lovers / spouses differently than those outside the artistic fields. We see shapes, light, lines, textures, all differently, it’s in you or it’s not. It chooses you, you don’t choose it. The good news for many guys out there, seeing your lover in a new light and different light you see your wives or girlfriends in, is a reality with a personal photoshoot. Her very own boudoir or artistic nude photoshoot, as unique as Farrell Gallery.

artistic nude

As a fine art photographer of the female form, I am not only inspired by the curves and lines of the body, but light and texture as well. I recently spent some time with a former lover and I recall using the simplest light to see her differently than the moments before. It could be the soft glow from her cell phone illuminating her lips and face. Or maybe a streetlight providing a makeshift rim light on her hair. That morning light peeking in through the window, caressing her shoulder, the outline of her hips, curves of her back, and butt as she sleeps or walks across the room. Oncoming cars projecting their headlights as the light falls on her. It’s about bringing those simple every day visuals to life, and those visions providing inspiration to make your lover a subject of art.

Nashville intimate photography

Now everyone can see their special lady when their unique beauty is captured through the eyes of a visual artist, as seen by us. I only hope then everyone will challenge themselves to notice their lady’s hands, lips, face, hair, and body in a different light than they usually see them. Light is a wonderful thing.