Boudoir photoshoot at an abandoned house

It was a beautiful Spring day, a young lady who was visiting Nashville, from Canada of all places,  wanted a famous Farrell Gallery boudoir / implied nude photoshoot while she was here 😀 So we took a ride to the outskirts of town to do her boudoir photoshoot at an abandoned house I knew of. It was nicely tucked away from the road front, and it offered some interesting indoor and outdoor features to use for the photoshoot, as many abandoned properties and buildings do. Upon entering the property, I especially loved the driveway with an overgrown grass median. So of course that required photos! I was glad that she said to feel free to share photos from our shoot, as this shows what I can do with implied nude and boudoir approach more so than fully nude. There is a certain art to making cover ups not obvious and contrived. Now, for the driveway I was talking about.

outdoor boudoir

Nashville boudoir

In the back of the house was a screen porch, nothing but open field and trees surrounding the house. It appears the house had been abandoned for years, judging by the mold inside and deterioration inside it, not to mention some furniture left behind! Part of the fun is exploring the house and it’s contents. But I make it a rule to never take anything or leave the place in different condition from where I found it.

Nashville boudoir

boudoir photoshoot

That natural and intimate, yet vulnerable moment, as if she wakes in the morning to get fresh air and start the day, the subtle and sensual draping sliding down her body. My approach for boudoir is far from traditional, but if I did it like everyone else, there would be no reason to come to me 😛 My choice of locations is often different, as I love the contrast and texture that accentuates the beauty of the female form. Now for inside the house, I especially loved the front room, downstairs bathroom, and staircase.

Nashville boudoir

Nashville boudoir

Nashville boudoir

boudoir Nashville

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and this young lady cherishes the photos from her session eternally. Finishing out with some from the bathroom, looks like the wallpaper was removed and left a cool texture, yes please!!

implied nude

implied nude Nashville

boudoir photos nashville




Is a boudoir shoot for me?

The age old question…. Is a boudoir shoot for me? I’ve seen some of these discussions online, particularly in wedding forums, many are curious and intrigued that their friends have done it. Tossing the scenarios around in their own mind…..morality, comfort, what will the significant other or spouse think when he / she gets that gift, what if someone sees it, this photographer will see me half naked. Let’s talk about that.

An experienced photographer who does boudoir or nude/ intimate work knows the body, and seeing yours does nothing for us. – As a follow up from last article, about hiring the best boudoir or nude photographer, hiring the right one is supposed to give you a comfortable experience, not the other way around. If you’re curious, browse your favorite photographers, analyze what you feel are their strengths that are most compatible with your favorite work and vision, and get to know their process. As well as who you feel comfortable with and knows how to work with your unique body type. Skill is better than pillow arrangement. Most of us know some of you are on the fence, or are afraid of the shoot feeling awkward. We know this isn’t for everyone, and it would be counter productive for us to try to talk an unwilling participant into doing something they don’t feel good about. You just have to be honest with yourself as to the reasons you have those feelings.

nude photography nashville

If you’ve done your research and still think it’s “dirty” or something you’d feel ashamed of if someone else found out, maybe it’s not for you. –  Or perhaps consider that we live in a society, particularly in the U.S. that can be shallow and judgmental, many philistines. There is nothing wrong with nude art and certainly not boudoir work. For the most part, you should think of it as something between you and your significant other or spouse. Obviously, you don’t want huge wall prints of your nude butt or chest in lingerie hanging on your wall. That’s why most of my private clients buy albums, it’s a timeless and discreet way to present the gift. And consider the fact that it’s the time in your life frozen in time. This is something you have to know for yourself.