Hiring the best boudoir or nude photographer

I know it’s a personal and sometimes touchy decision, but today I am giving tips to the ladies on hiring the best boudoir or nude photographer for you. Any boudoir or intimate photographer worth their salt understands that many of you have never done anything like this before and are slightly nervous, understandable. We want this to be a fun and rewarding, liberating experience that only increases self confidence.

Good isn’t cheap, and cheap isn’t good.- I had a lady come to me who appreciated my non-traditional boudoir work, and was more interested about the female form being captured, and she liked my lighting. Good, because that’s what separates me from boudoir studios in their more pure form. She had a groupon deal and told me, something should have told me that the price was too good to be true. I thought I was back in 1992 at Glamour Shots and I looked like a cow in half of them, LOL!~ We had a good time and by me knowing her and her needs, she got what she came for. We did a lovely personalized shoot at her home.

artistic nude

Know what strengths your photographer has and what is important to you – Personally, my area of expertise is the female form in it’s simple context, lighting, and angles. Mood and texture as well. I’m not strong in set design, nor do I care about it, most of my shoots are on location and fit the client’s passion as well. I’ve seen some magnificent boudoir work where the photographer captured the form well and the place looked nice. Personally I find too many furnishings and accessories taking away from the form. I’ve also seen some absolutely ghastly work where I could tell the photographer may have been good at set design (which I find unnecessary and distracting sometimes, but many disagree, lol), but didn’t know a fucking thing about photography or capturing the female form. Plus horrid Photoshop. Which the latter are my strengths. Select one for the strengths, use them, don’t ask them to become someone else.

Nashville boudoir and nude photography

Personality– Who encourages you to meet before the shoot for a consultation and you get to know each other and put you at ease? That’s something most of us would offer, I know I do. Do you share passion on the vision for your shoot? Is this someone you feel has knowledge and professionalism necessary for you to feel comfortable going forward? I know I’m not for everyone. Some feel that because I’m a man, they can’t be comfortable…whatever, I make no apologies for that. Those willing to give it a chance and at least meet with me know that what they gain is photography and form knowledge, as well as a fun experience. I’m not trying to be like the standard boudoir studios….different client. As a client, you just have to know what is important to you.

Motel series with long exposures

Oooooooh I may have saved the best part for last. This was just under a two hour photoshoot, we covered some fine art figure nudes, and conceptual long exposure photography all in one tiny motel room and utilizing every area of the room. I like that challenge. All that was left by this point was a small bathroom….luckily it was an older tile bathroom with some character, not the boring hotel bathroom with the neutral colors. So, there’s a toilet, a sink, and a tub / shower. Usually you wouldn’t incorporate a toilet with intimate shoots, and shower photos have been done to death on the internet. Especially with flatly lit on camera flash and glam shower poses. So, it was time to shift gears from figure nudes to conceptual and dark. The toilet was even going to get some use. Now keep in mind, probably none of my private clients would have me do anything like this for them, but I like conceptual work for galleries, and to hone my creative skills. Good inspiration for future.


Most of us have been here before, after a rough night 🙂 Some shutter drag on a tripod for effect 🙂

dark concept, long exposure, shutter drag

Dark, grim, love it! It also takes a great model to be able to be a chameleon like that. Now for some long exposure shower photos…8 second shutter speed with very robotic and deliberate motions, and stillness. It takes both a patient model and photographer to pull this off, not something you see much of. But I felt it was the most interesting way to utilize the concept and look.

shutter drag, long exposure photography, long exposure nudes, double exposure

shutter drag, long exposure photography, long exposure nudes, double exposure

shutter drag, long exposure photography, long exposure nudes, double exposure

shutter drag, long exposure photography, long exposure nudes, double exposure

I hope you’ve enjoyed these, I feel inspired and ready to serve private clients with their boudoir and nude photography heirlooms. As well as to create a fun memorable experience for them, and for them to give a gift that will be cherished forever.