Motel in the hood nude series 2

I hope you enjoyed the first of the series last post, of model Eclipse Monday and some low key lighting figure nudes. When you think of boudoir or indoor nudes, the first idea is always on a bed. Why is that? Ironic, I say that and on the last post, the bed is where she started out. So many ways to contort the body in it’s natural, and intimate bedroom setting, good sensuality that comes naturally with that domestic environment. So, we then utilized the furniture which was nothing to look at….so using low key mood lighting, In placed the emphasis on the subject and her body, and glamorous features as opposed to the environment. Even the floor in certain areas. A one bed motel room with a bathroom, how much of a photoshoot can you do there? Well, I am putting the question to test. Are nice huge mansions nice for photoshoots? YES absolutely, but are they always a necessity? No. Welcome to motel in the hood nude series 2.

artistic nude nashville

artistic nudes Nashville

And then there is always a 1960’s-70’s clothes hanging rod practically designed for nude figure study work, LOL! Great way to stretch the body and create interesting symmetry.

figure nudes

figure nude

A 1960’s (I’m guessing?) wall heater in the small hallway to the toilet, for an industrial look. A great photoshoot can happen anywhere. It’s a matter of best utilizing what is there and blending the subject into it.

intimate photos

Nashville boudoir

I hope you’ve enjoyed this part of the series. One final part coming soon, some long exposure work in the old tile bathroom, I may have saved the best for last, though totally different looks and concepts. Stay tuned 🙂

Motel in the hood art nudes

I had a traveling model coming through town, and we decided to do an artistic nude photoshoot and some conceptual photos. It was time to revisit the roadside motel concept as seen before, different small independent Nashville motel in the hood 🙂 This not only supports the underdog to the larger hotel chains, and local small business….but also helps me utilize texture and the older features. Most of all, I can show that beautiful intimate / nude photos can happen anywhere, it doesn’t always take a fancy boudoir studio or hotel, etc. A subject, a seasoned boudoir / nude photographer, and light. And boom. Art happens. Without further delay, motel in the hood art nudes, part one of the series brought to you by Farrell Gallery Nashville!

artistic nude Nashville

artistic nude



I love using shadows and low key lighting love the contrast and how the brush light gently kisses her skin and curves of her body. A mystique and artistic touch to these works in this series. The location could really be anywhere, the lamps in the second photo are about the only motel-ish giveaway. I chose to make the location and ambiance understated and the emphasis on the simple elegant beauty of the model. The hair, the skin, the body, the soul. Just add light and mood. These next 3 have quite a sensual intimate feel, without explicit sexuality.


artistic nude

intimate nude photography

More to come soon! There is more to this small roadside motel room than just the bed. 🙂 I hope you’ve enjoyed this new series so far! Any interested ladies, book your private session today, be beautiful. 🙂



Outlook on travel

I’m chomping at the bit, after doing several sexy photoshoots for ladies for valentines day or their anniversaries, not being able to share photos from any of them, lol. That’s the drill though, they have careers and are not in this to be models or public figures in that way. The good thing, in the middle part of this month, I will be hosting a traveling art nude model….more photos to come then! So, no, I didn’t forget how to do it 😛

I was talking with a friend from out of state who was going to be visiting Nashville, and he asked me what to do while here. Of course there are the main tourist attractions, some of which might be of interest. But my outlook on travel is different from many. Rather than experience the shrinkwrapped tourist attractions and call it a vacation, I like to experience it through the eyes of a local. Go where locals go, meet locals, and see what the city really has to offer beyond the tourist traps. You will never get to know Nashville if all you do are the riverboat tours, Grand Ole Opry, stay at the Gaylord Hotel, and walk around downtown and buy boots. I’m not saying that those things shouldn’t be part of a visitor’s experience, but I wouldn’t limit it to that. web_A9O6169

There is a whole city here, real entertainment, antiques, theater, parks, restaurants and pubs, outdoor activities on the outskirts. Think beyond the glitter. Just like when I went to Ireland….I could have just done the coast tour, kissed the blarneystone, toured Guinness, and maybe watched some Celtic games. All those are good things, but I couldn’t imagine not walking around Dublin doing street photography, patronizing local pubs, touring a historic prison, Irish Film Institute and photography institute, etc. As well as hopping on a train and visiting seaside villages. Learning their culture is also part of the experience, instead of being an asshole and expecting the culture somewhere else will be like their own, lol. Travel is a way to get unraveled and to get inspired, and to me is a richer experience when approached this way.