Why are we here?

I had a discussion with a friend the other morning that started off about an abandoned house I was going to check out, then it took an unexpected turn. I like when random conversation shifts happen once you’ve moved on from the previous segment of the conversation. Neither of us are into pop culture, but the topic about all these recent deaths came up, especially David Bowie, and other inspirational people. My friend said, they will be remembered for a long time, and have left a legacy, but what about people like us who aren’t famous? What happens when we die? How quickly are we forgotten? Who will remember us? Why are we here? How can we make an impact with the tools we have?

abandoned house

I had to think about it all for a minute. I mean, for the most part, most of us are trying to do what we love, pay our bills and balance our lives between work, social life, family obligations, and make a difference in other peoples’ lives however we can. We don’t always know if we’ve inspired someone, or know what impact we will have on someone else, whether in our lifetime or way into the future. Whether I’m providing a client photos for a lady’s intimate photo session or delivering photos and an album for a wedding I photograph, I captured moments in time for them. And I get to make an income doing what inspires me and what I love doing. One example of this, my aunt gave me some old photos of my dad and his brothers and my grandparents. I don’t know who the photographer was, but they were magnificent photographs and beautiful silver prints. They were probably 75 years old, because my dad was little in the photos. The work of that photographer is still inspiring someone to this day, though he / she is probably long gone.

abandoned house

I look back in my life and think about teachings I’ve had from different people, some I know are long gone. Some of which I can pass along to others. In a way, that’s reusing and recycling in an educational realm. I like to give back whenever I can. Though these days especially, some don’t like anything except validation. But once in a while, I’m pleasantly surprised. You never know when you give something that someone else can use, whether now or later. Just keep doing, the rest is in the control of a force greater than ourselves.


Phone calls

It’s interesting how over the years, the paradigm for phone calls and cell phone use has shifted so much. When I was in my teens, only rich people had cell phones, car phones I think. They’d talk and talk and talk…like shut up already! lol. Later, more of the same with portable cellular phones but everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Later on, texting came out, at first I felt it was a very annoying way to communicate, especially with no QWERTY keyboard. But I later learned it’s value. It was like a pager you could respond to. In my early texting years, in the mid 2000’s, I enjoyed it to a point, but as the conversation became more in depth, and I got back to back texts….I was thinking, just fucking call so we don’t have to waste all this time!

Oak Grove KY

So, here we are, present day. I received an email from a wedding blog publication, givingĀ  reasons why millennials don’t answer their phones. I don’t think this is accurate for all of them, and of course it will all depend on the call. Basically the obvious here. It’s presumptuous to randomly call someone unannounced that they are available to stop what they’re doing and talk. Plus sometimes it can be a distraction and an interruption, a message or email is more passive and allows for a response at the soonest free moment. Maybe I’m becoming like the millennials in that regard, even though technically, I’m generation x. I have the social skills and confidence to talk to people real time, and in some cases it’s the easiest way to sort things. But in many cases, an unannounced phone call especially when I’m not in a place or time when I can talk, is annoying. I answer if I can. That’s about all I can do.

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I think it’s laziness to be afraid of the phone, but it’s also rude to call someone and not get to the point in this busy day and age. On a personal level, I enjoy catching up with friends, but don’t want to hear long drawn out stories about anything. That’s just inconsiderate of my time. I have a shelf life for the phone, it’s shorter than it used to be, lol. For business, I think it makes it easier in some ways, depending on the preference of the client. It’s easier to get to know them and their unique needs for their nude or boudoir photoshoot by talking in real time. I love face to face meetings with clients. Makes the connection more personal and informative. However, I do prefer to schedule calls so I can clear time out and give the discussion the attention it deserves.