Budget boudoir photography?

Because I use a different approach to boudoir photography, and style of figure work / nude photography as it’s more simplistic and classical, I don’t have huge studio overhead with the furnishings etc. I’m not super expensive, but because of my skill in capturing the female form, equipment, etc. I can’t price myself with the people on Thumbtack or Groupon. So, you see $100.00 or even $200.00 boudoir photography and wonder, why not try budget boudoir photography? I would have to assume those people at a low price point are new at it, and want to gain experience, and are starting off cheap. But I don’t think it’s a good idea, and you do get what you pay for.

The conversations I’ve had with newer photographers, you don’t learn at the customer’s expense with wedding photography, or boudoir / any intimate photography. The best way to learn the body and intimate photography is to assist experienced photographers and work with experienced models. They will pilot the photoshoot, and they can learn from that as far as flattering body angles. It also takes time and experience in order to learn how to relax subjects, bring out confidence in them, make them comfortable, etc.

In my opinion, it takes field experience and education before being a worthy candidate for being hired by private clients for any intimate work. The average female client coming to a boudoir photographer relies on the photographer for their creativity and knowledge of the body, most flattering angles for each unique body type. As well as the psychological aspect of the shoot, creating energy and emotion, and establishing a comfort level. Those are some reasons why it’s best to hire a skilled photographer. I’d be suspicious of those cheap deals.

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Why not traditional boudoir?

Every photographer has a different style and inspiration that flavors their work, whether a wedding photographer, or boudoir / intimate photographer. I’m a fine art nude and more edgy style non traditional boudoir. So why not traditional boudoir? There are a bunch of boudoir studios in Nashville and most other major cities in a more traditional sense. They do what they do, and many clients love it. A good studio of that sort is very good at styling and set design. That’s not my bag at all. Because of that, it doesn’t make sense for me to work under the same design.

For me, it’s more about the light and curves of the subject, using textures, and mood to make a photograph. It still has that intimate private feel, but more mood and shadowing, where the location can still add to the photograph, but less emphasis is on the location, and more on the female form. In it’s somewhat vulnerable, sexy, and confident state. Set design doesn’t inspire me, so it’s best I do what I do well and offer something unique for customers who want something different with more edge. There’s enough to go around for everyone. In this life, we do best doing what inspires us.


Travel etiquette


What does this have to do with spirituality? Everything. Because when traveling, we should always think of our fellow man and woman, and the process goes smoother. The last airline travel I did a couple months ago, I flew from Nashville to Dallas, sat next to these 2 really friendly ladies, but I couldn’t help but notice the whole vicinity smelled like cat food. I said something about it and one of them said, oh we brought leftover BBQ from the airport, it’s in my bag. I remained civil of course. The look I gave them should have let them know I wasn’t overly impressed with their travel etiquette skills, even if that’s an unspoken rule. The guy I sat next to on the way to London was perfect. He didn’t say much but was accommodating both times I needed to use the toilets. And didn’t take forever to exit the plane.

The short leg to Dublin was uneventful thankfully. A day of walking in Dublin city centre felt good after a long overnight flight. The next day, my cousin’s husband and I (who lived in Dublin) took a tour bus to Northern Ireland and the guide was great. She gave us some Irish history and we made one stop each way. She reminded the passengers that they may bring a cold beverage on the bus but no hot food or beverage was allowed because it makes the bus smell. I instantly had a flashback to the leftover BBQ on the plane that smelled like cat food. I was so grateful and I may have told her I loved her for that. I’m thinking to myself, why would anyone even need to be told that?

Northern Ireland

I took a train from Dublin to Howth to walk the piers along the Irish Sea and check out the village, enjoy some fresh seafood. The train going that direction was relatively quiet, it was a weekday afternoon. I saw signs reminding people that if someone elderly or less physically able than you, or laden with groceries etc. to consider giving up your seat for them if the train is full. But they also had a sign made in a comical way, to remind people that “snoofing” wasn’t cool. The act of pretending to be in a book or sleeping to avoid eye contact with those said people. It’s good to bring those things to peoples’ minds although it’s sad that it has to be done.

Howth Ireland

On the way from Dublin to JFK, a Chinese man butted the line ahead of this single girl to get to the security gate faster. He acted like he didn’t know what people were saying when they were telling him what an asshole he was. I was just glad people called him on it. Though I doubt he learned from it. Human decency clearly wasn’t on his list of priorities. So, I get on the plane and it would be almost an 8 hour flight. I was in the window seat, I may change that strategy on International flights. I was next to these 2 girls, maybe 11 and 13, her parents and other sibling were in front of us. They were mild mannered and seemed pleasant. I had to get up and use the toilets, and they scooted their knees sideways instead of standing up. AND they had crap all over the floor. Oh no, that wasn’t going to fly. I said no, please move your stuff and stand up and let me out. I’m not climbing over you or your stuff which shouldn’t even be in the floor. Their parents must have overheard me and looked at me in disbelief. I thought, why would this basic teaching have to come from a complete stranger? But the stuff was moved, and they got up and let me in, I smiled and said thank you 🙂

Howth Ireland