Green acres implied nudes

Green Acres is the place to be. We continued on to some outdoor locations far back enough from the open road, to do some green acres implied nudes, new term lol. This gal is a true country girl. She is beautiful as the day is long, but also isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, is loyal to people she cares about, and doesn’t tolerate a lot of nonsense. She values her quiet living, a strange car pulling up should have a good reason 🙂 We first headed to a creek while the water was still high after recent rains. How awesome was it that we found a dock?

Nashville boudoir

Next we sought out an open field area, as the sun was setting. Although it was hazy, the sun was peeking through the clouds, just enough to provide some nice backlighting which I happen to love. She is one with nature, a free spirit, and comfortable in her own skin. That is what defines beauty. I love exploring, whether abandoned buildings, in the country, or industrial settings. Picking your location on the fly helps the creative senses and gives me something to work on with the subject, so our inputs on the photoshoot are more equal.

web--9 Nashville boudoir Nashville boudoir Nashville boudoir Nashville boudoir

First intimate photoshoot

I have known this lovely gal for a couple years and have done a couple photoshoots with her, but this would be her first intimate photoshoot. We did very little planning, and did most everything playing by ear. We started in her home, in the bedroom, and by a window. We did not rely on fancy furnishings. I take the minimalist approach to my fine art and boudoir photography, where it’s about the features of the woman and not the surroundings. Beauty in her facial features and body, every curve and detail kissed with light, as the main attraction. This intimate photoshoot was just that 🙂

Boudoir Boudoir Boudoir

The common misconception that you need a 5 star hotel room or fancy parlor room to photograph the female form is a shame to me. It’s great when that, or better yet an abandoned building with lots of texture is available. Sometimes it’s about the soul and body you capture, right where you are. To me, this hones me as a photographer of the female form, if the viewers see them and their beauty, and do not think about the location.


boudoir boudoir

Bringing that confident, sexy and elegant mood to the bedroom. No doubt her and her significant other will enjoy the photos, and the best part, she had a fun and comfortable experience! I hope you’ve enjoyed this casual boudoir series, some outdoor intimates coming next!



Boudoir Nashville

Unusual faith in humanity

I recently spent a week in Dublin, Ireland and also visited Northern Ireland and England to visit a photography mentor. It was a wonderful getaway, I also got to visit my cousin and aunt whom I had not seen in a couple of years. I did a lot of roaming and street photography, where I cut my teeth. I felt very inspired photographing a different canvas and different people. While out one Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon walking with backpack and camera in tow, I was hungry and was looking for a local pub to eat some lunch. With all the pubs in Dublin, this wouldn’t be hard to find, LOL! It was a beautiful day, maybe 20 degrees celsius, which is about 70 degrees on a fahrenheit scale. Nice gentle breeze and sun peeking in and out, mostly in.

I saw a sidewalk sandwich sign in front of a pub that advertised a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and soup of the day for €5.95 and the value of the Euro was pretty close to the American dollar. The front door was open, letting the fresh air in, so it seemed inviting. I went in. The gal behind the bar greeted me, there was no one else in there except one older man enjoying a pint. I asked her about the lunch special, she said they had mushroom soup. With that sandwich, that sounded nice. I asked her if they accepted debit cards and she said cash only, and told me where there was an ATM at a nearby Tesco express store. I told her I’d be right back. From my experience, that would usually be the end of it until the customer came back. But usually the customer would find somewhere else that accepted cards, or be embarrassed because they had to ask….and the establishment probably wouldn’t expect that patron to return on their word.

Surprisingly enough, I returned 5 minutes later and as soon as I walked in, she greeted me and was bringing my lunch out! She was obviously taking me at face value when I said I’d return, so at that moment I was ecstatic that I went back. But I, however was surprised that she didn’t seem surprised to see me back as I said I would be. It’s inspiring to see people who stand for and expect integrity, that was unusual faith in humanity but a welcome experience 😀 Here are a couple candid photos I shot in the bar.

Ireland pub

Ireland pub