Dilapidated barn nude series

Welcome to the Dilapidated barn nude series 1, compliments of model Grace Stone and Franklin KY. I always feel a sense of tranquility there, away from traffic and city noise and parking hassles, etc. Makes for an un-distracted creative experience especially doing artistic nude photography outdoors, or partially outdoors. The sun was peaking in and out, and there were holes in the roof of this barn, and the sun hit the rafters and created an interesting shadow and light pattern, so I went all natural light inside the barn. Light, shadows, and the curves of the female body, all working together in harmony.

artistic nude Nashville

Artistic nude Nashville

Artistic nude photography Nashville

Artistic nude Nashville

artistic nude photography Nashville

I love using different angles and leaning of the body and carefully composing the image to make all elements of the photo tie together. The textures and colors of the location really add depth and contrast to the soft beauty and innocence of her body. The flow of her hair and her soft skin, position of arms and fingers help with added caress in the photos.

This next idea was a very impromptu one, wasn’t sure which way I preferred it so here are 2 different post production renditions of the same image, would love your thoughts on that.

artistic nude photography

artistic nude Nashville

nude photography Nashville

There were rolls of barbed wire fencing behind the barn, another wonderful contrast to go beside her body. I think it goes together like chocolate and peanut butter! I hope you’ve enjoyed, it was nice for both the model and me to feel free and inhibited and just get into creative mode.

Nude photography Nashville

Nude photography Nashville



Guitar in the air

It was Easter Sunday, often a day where some people go to church, or when families get together. A potentially awkward holiday in those given scenarios. I met up with a fellow photographer friend, and walked around Cheekwood with him, he likes the flowers and exhibits. I appreciate the beauty of the place, and enjoyed it, as I love walking and being in the fresh air. And it’s always nice to hang out with friends. The temperature was perfect, maybe 64 degrees. Places like that, as most well know, are not my usual subject matter. I brought my camera just in case, even if photographing flowers aren’t my thing. We fortunately got there before the church crowd piled in, there was no one on the walking sculpture trails. Good. LOL. I liked this walking path as the sun beat through the trees.


We noticed a structure that was partially underground, it resembled a storm shelter of sorts. We walked in, went through a fairly linear and long tunnel that was partially underground. I started to hear the sound of guitar in the air. I followed it, and entered a dome, with a sitting ledge around it, nothing but acoustics and a hole in the roof to see the sky. I felt a real uplifting. I saw a girl inside playing her guitar, we sat in there for a bit. No one else was around. She said she loved the acoustics in there, I could totally see that. It was great for the mood, and so unexpected and random. She gently played the guitar and was perfect background and set the mood music. It was good for my soul, I looked up at the sky through the hole in the roof of the dome, and breathed deep. I saw a jet stream but tuned out any noise except the guitar. Maybe there wasn’t any.


street photography


Titles or captions of work

I have to be honest and say I miss walking around photography art galleries and seeing beautiful large prints on display. I also have enjoyed showing some of my work at local shows. It became daunting with the printing and expense and care involved, if it wasn’t going to be profitable. I wasn’t giving them away, which sadly is happening a lot these days. I’m still waiting for the right show that’s less about the wine and more about the art. I’ll do it again. I love printing and seeing work in print form, it’s so much richer. I’ve seen gallery work with titles below it. It can add to the experience and see the work from the creator’s point of view, whether an art or photography art gallery showing.

It seems a little different when viewing work online when titles or captions of work are used. Even in gallery showings, I seldom titled work. That’s just me. Maybe putting words to it aren’t my strong suit. The fine art nude photography and boudoir groups I belong to online, I see titles and captions used sometimes and often times I think it seems like seeking validation that their vision are what the viewers are seeing. I don’t understand the need to convince others of what you were saying with an image. I’m not saying this as a black and white case, this is just me.

My conceptual work and concept nudes, I like the viewer to look at it and think about it, and form their own interpretation. Theirs may be miles apart from the vision I had, other times it’s more obvious. I am inspired by how others see my work, so putting a title on it could limit that creative flow. Personally, I don’t spoon feed. I like the viewer to decide what they see, often they see it for what it is, but it’s cool when people dig deeper. I like those challenges. When work of others inspires me, I do the same thing. I think sharpening our minds and using our imagination is a healthy thing. My 2 cents.

artistic nude photography

Magnetic personality

I was out with a friend, after we saw a movie we stopped at a restaurant in a fairly trendy area. Most of the servers were young, a mix between guys and gals….our server was an older gentleman, maybe mid 50’s, long hair, but there was something unique about his personality. He was very outgoing, and helpful, wanted to make sure we were clear on the menu, etc. The drinks came quickly, you could tell he wanted us to enjoy our experience. We thought, wow, this guy is already going above and beyond, without being annoying, a hard balance to achieve for a server.

I made some small talk with him, because he had such a magnetic personality, I had to know his story. It was unusual to see an older male server, but I thought at the same time how cool it is, and he is using his personality to connect with diners. The unfair thing, is a cute young female who is average at her job will make the same tips probably, LOL. He knew that. He was healing from a divorce out of State, and came to Nashville for the opportunity and a fresh start, his 2 kids are grown. So you know he’s dealing with some pain inside, but is taking a positive approach to work through it. He gets healing through being around people and making their experience a positive one and puts pride in what he does. Something rarely seen. I believe in generous tipping, this guy got a very good one from us. All it takes is some kindness and attentiveness for people to appreciate you sometimes 🙂

Acceptance of craft

I had this discussion while doing a photoshoot with a nude model about dating and relationship difficulties as a result of what we do. In her case, she’s had her difficulties finding a significant other where problems didn’t surface as a result of her nude modeling. Acceptance of craft can be a tall order with the other person not involved in the industry and not having a first hand understanding of the inner workings. Really, in her case, a professional traveling nude model, it boils down to this. You can’t be in a relationship where you expect the other person to change their life for you. Whoever she is with would have to understand and support her career choice, it isn’t forever anyhow. And not try ultimatums. This is what she does, deal with it or walk. No guy worth their salt would want his lady giving up on her dreams for him. Perhaps some of those guys were controlling or jealous douche bags, and rightly so she sends them on their way. Perhaps others are good men, that tried their best to learn about her modeling and support it, but just couldn’t feel comfortable with it. In which case, choices have to be made. Some just can’t make that separation in their minds that to them their partner being nude in front of others is a form of intimacy. Even though with our arrangement it isn’t that way, if everyone is above board.

It also works the same way for me as a fine art nude photographer working with women on artistic nude and boudoir photoshoots. I have had quite a few women I dated not be able to accept that aspect of my work. In their case, I didn’t sense that it was about jealousy or they assumed that I was sexually involved with those I was photographing. But more rather that I would not consider our intimacy as special or they feel they are sharing me with others. Which in actuality isn’t true, but they’re not involved in my craft, so I can’t expect them to think the same way. I can’t write them all off and call them irredeemable, I chose this craft and they have to decide how comfortable they are with it. That doesn’t mean I am giving it up for them. But I’m not saying it’s wrong for others to, for the right person as long as the decision feels organic and not forced or influenced. As for me, I will keep hunting but as of now, here I sit writing to you.

Boudoir photography Nashville