Daydreaming at the supermarket

I went grocery shopping today, not my favorite thing to do. But I was daydreaming about inspirations for my next mixed boudoir and implied nude photoshoot to feel inspired completing my shopping and making time go by faster. I notice first, many beautiful fit women in the produce section. I had stopped at a road side stand to get tomatoes, peaches, and squash. But still needed more stuff to make salad to last a few days. Days when I don’t have to do much cooking, pre-preparation helps. So far an encouraging experience. The deli, I wanted some lunch meats, I saw a half enthused deli clerk cleaning the scales and a couple waiting there that had ordered what seemed like 47893 things. Normally I probably would come back, or not wait and think of something else, but I was just along for the ride this time. So far so good, picked up some bakery bread, and granola….off to the meat section.

That’s where aisle traffic bottlenecked because people taking up the whole aisle or leaving their carts there….or let’s not forget the people who do so while taking an hour to select a product and go on. I was like, yea, this is one reason I don’t like the grocery store. Going at night can be a trick too, as aisles are blocked by stockers. But we live through it. It went downhill when I went through the frozen aisle to find some sherbet or gelato. First I see a mom and her young daughter who she let yap on her cell phone in the store and had no concept of others not wanting to hear it, or being able to talk and pay attention to where she is walking. No urgency in her stride. Then I saw this morbidly obese woman, probably younger than I am, who could barely move….her daughter, maybe 10 years old was not far behind and their cart was loaded with generic soft drinks and toaster streudels, etc. I had seen enough, and just did not have the energy to stay in that aisle and fight my way through the mob of oblivious shoppers.

I decided to grab some greek yogurt and slice up the berries I bought in produce, then head to the checkout. I was trying to decide which line to get in. One older lady with cat litter on the bottom rack of the cart, and groceries in the rest….I thought possible cat lady with a slew of coupons and I could be there forever. I got behind this young to middle aged couple who moved with a purpose and I could tell by their body language that they wanted to get through it too. As their groceries moved down the conveyor belt, it would have been nice if the cashier was cognizant enough to slide me the divider that I couldn’t reach….I wasn’t about to tritely reach over those peoples’ groceries to get it. Wait it out. I was relieved to be back outside and await my friends who were coming over for a Summer cookout. A day in the life of the neurotic artist, LOL.


First studio shoot with Fuji XT-1

It was my first studio shoot with Fuji XT-1…..Well, not exactly, but similar conditions, LOL. I was in Atlanta shooting with my long time muse and these were inside a small apartment. I simply used the walls as the backdrop and threw 2 color gels at it and placed them feathered against the walls….moved her a few feet closer to me, since there wasn’t much room. Then used a medium softbox feathered from the left, and this way there was some shadow and highlight contrast in the lighting. I used the Fuji XT-1 and the 56 1.2 and couldn’t be happier with the magnificent results!

Angela did the styling herself with baby oil and LOTS of gold glitter! It was everywhere, LOL! Good thing for plastic drop cloths! I love how creative and colorful our collaborative work together always is! The Fuji handled the job well, just had to disable auto exposure preview since there was studio lights in use. Focusing was no issue. It’s not like there was any shortage of contrast for the camera to hunt for in this case. It’s about using your knowledge of photography, creativity, having a great subject, and making any surroundings work as your studio or outdoor location.

fine art photography body paint

fine art photography fine art photography

body paint body paint

Public ignorance about nude photography

As some know, I have another website showcasing my wedding photography and headshots, Jay Farrell Photography. With that said, I attended a wedding networking event last week at a beautiful new venue. The group’s president saw a post on my personal Facebook page, where I announced I had a client coming from 700 miles away to do an artistic nude shoot with me. Of course leaving her location and identity anonymous, I was excited she found my work worth traveling for 🙂 When she was speaking at the event, she came up to me with the mic and announced I was a big time nude photographer. This is NOT something I am, or ever will be ashamed of. I was doing nude photography before weddings, I keep those bodies of work separated because of possible shock value for more conservative clients who want business headshots or weddings photographed. PLUS, one body of work doesn’t water down the other. Separation is good.

Her intentions were good, making that announcement….I looked around and could tell that it livened up the mood, and I saw some surprised looks. I could tell a couple were a little freaked out. Maybe that’s a good thing. Some in that group know I do this work as well. No problems there, I’m not ashamed. Some who did not know, I hope it sparks enough curiousity for them to check out this site. Some may label me as a pornographer without ever looking at my nude and boudoir photography. I know it’s not anything I can control and nothing to worry about….but I’ve seen first hand over the years, the overall public ignorance about nude photography, and even boudoir photography. I’ve lost girlfriends because they couldn’t deal with my involvement in any kind of intimate photography involving female subjects, no matter how well done. I’ve seen models’ families or significant others shame them for their work and even try to blackmail them into giving it up. Let’s not forget catty girlfriends of female boudoir or nude clients asking them why would you do those slutty photos, even if for your man? You’re getting naked or half naked in front of a random photographer who may sell those photos or use them as his personal collection. Usually they laugh at them for how ridiculous they sound. My first thought is, anyone who thinks that is fucking stupid and lives a sheltered life. LOL.

It takes courage and confidence to do any kind of intimate photoshoot. Others spewing their ignorance doesn’t help the grossly misjudged genre of photography and art as a whole. Nude art has been around for centuries. Sure, there is bad work out there that’s unflattering…that’s why doing a project like this should warrant an experienced and discreet photographer that will capture pleasing angles and lighting, as well as make it a good experience. Sure, in the wrong hands, this type of shoot could go wrong. Logic should prevail that choice in service providers should be a careful one.

artistic nude photography