Satisfaction of delivering boudoir album

I was so happy with the outcome of the black leather book from Artisan State, artistic nude photography album for a private client….I received it, and did all the needed proofing to make sure the design and printing, binding etc were all up to par. I absolutely loved it, and so badly wish I could post photos of the boudoir  / nude album. But soon will do a shoot with a nude model and make a studio sample album I can share 🙂 Private clients have family and career related concerns and need discretion.

I had the album carefully packed in the box….it fit inside my backpack, I got on the motorcycle on the nice Spring day and delivered it to the client, who would soon present it to her husband as a special gift. As I was enjoying the sun and fresh air, cruising along, I thought about the shadow play and high contract black and white implied and nude images from the studio….and images from inside their beautiful home with the natural ambient light hugging the curves of her body. A capture of the natural morning desire of his woman waking up and getting out of bed, seeing her bare hip exposed as she pulls the sheets back, and it goes from there….even see her walking across the floor nude as she gets in the shower after some stretching and looking out the window….all things that should get his motor running and always be able to preserve the love, attraction, and intimacy between them. I feel a great reward knowing I can help them keep that alive 🙂

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Communication during boudoir or nude photoshoot

I’ve seen and been asked to critique different photographers’ work, we do that for each other when in our social or professional circles. It’s always a shame to see a photograph so well lit, and composed, yet it’s missing energy or the angle / expression is lacking. Communication during boudoir or nude photoshoots is crucial to the result. Doing any kind of portrait work, there needs to be some direction and communication between the photographer and the subject. When venturing into model photography or nude and boudoir photography, it’s essential to have communication, not too little, not too much. The experience of the photographer teaches the balance.

It’s especially important to talk to the models (or any subject) with boudoir or nude photography because they feel more vulnerable and it takes experience for even nude models to develop confidence and lead the shoot, as they sometimes have to do with student photographers. The key, especially when working with clients who are not used to doing this, I play music, keep the mood fun, easy going, and positive….I don’t go overboard on compliments and never comment directly on any of their physical attributes. I just encourage them to move or turn a certain way, instill certain moods in them, tell them when they’re doing good. Keeping it positive and positive reinforcement when an angle needs to be changed helps. I also from time to time explain what I’m envisioning as I am shooting, so they have an idea what to expect in the final product. It does wonders for their confidence to be given enough direction in a positive fun way. But it’s creepy to be totally silent, say too much, or compliment the subjects. It’s rewarding when they enjoy their session and love the photos.

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Boudoir album samples

I am in the process of putting together a boudoir album for a client now. We did some mysterious shadow play implied nudes in my studio, and then I went to her beautiful home and finished her personal photoshoot in their bar, and master suite with a gorgeous luxurious bed. And beautiful window lighting. As always, I am discreet for the sake of my clients, whether career or family related, many do not want any photos of their boudoir or artistic nude photoshoot surfacing online, understandable. It’s times like these it would be beautiful to update my portfolio with, but I do that with clients who are ok with it, and models I work with, problem solved 😉 Some are ok with me using the photos that do not reveal their face, one reason the mysterious nature of the bodyscapes are what you see several of on this website 🙂

These boudoir albums are a popular option with my clients, because digital files alone aren’t secure if left on their computer or other hard drive. Also, this tells a story and provides a much more elegant presentation, and it’s timeless. Great way for their significant other or spouse to enjoy for a lifetime. Also, no embarrassment of trying to get printed or “conveniently” shared at a photo department which shouldn’t be printing photos to begin with, lol. Also, many labs have a no nudity policy. This way I handle it all and the labs I deal with are professional and accountable, here are a couple samples….of course my choice of color would not be red or gray, but more rather black or espresso….in some cases a hard cover photographic cover. All albums have lay flat seamless bind, no gutter in the center of the book, and nice thick pages, printed on lustre finish. These are boudoir album samples of the premium leather option, inquire today about your custom photoshoot!!

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