Boudoir / fine art albums

I’m pleased to announce my new partnership with Artisan State, an album company I am using for fine art and boudoir albums.  

If you visit their website, you can see the various styles of albums they offer, and that all their albums are seamless bind, or flush mount, meaning there is no gutter puff up in the center of the book at the page seam. Once you open the book, you can continue a photo spread from one page to the other, also known as a double truck in the publication world, and there is no interruption from a book gutter. This is a perfect gift to give a significant other or spouse from your boudoir or artistic nude private photoshoot!

I would recommend cover style and photo paper surface based on what I know about how my work prints best, and the styling of your particular photoshoot. This is a nice way to have an elegant print presentation that is still private. Books come in all sizes, the design and layout of the photos are printed directly on the pages, design will be timeless and not look like the guy with the mullet in 20 years, lol. Most couples who have these boudoir albums keep them accessible but not public…and I have heard of traveling business class husbands taking the books with them so they can be reminded of what awaits them at home 🙂 Presentation boxes are also available to ensure the book’s preservation. Ask about your session and album today 🙂

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Book valentines day shoots now :)

OMG, we are down to a month away from Valentines Day! There is still time to book your personal photoshoots and get the finished product in time for the holiday gift for yourself or significant other! I do anything from artistic nude and implied nude in studio or on location, to boudoir and lingerie photography. All sessions come with the best photos of the day, retouching is always provided so you look your best. In most cases, the culling and retouching process is done in one week or less. Digital files are delivered on Dropbox or USB device. Turnaround time for prints is also less than a week, delivered to your door or mine. The best lab prints on the market with some of my favorite matte or lustre photographic paper.

Boudoir / fine art nude albums also available, flush mount and seamless bind, full color printed on real photographic paper with photographic cover….or leather cover. Turnaround time with design and printing, shipping usually 2-3 weeks. A great timeless keepsake, and portable for the traveling spouse available in all colors. Next article will have more in depth information about these custom and affordable boudoir albums. There is still time, please ask about your photoshoot today and I will be happy to provide a quote 🙂 Best gift ever. 🙂



New studio and boudoir photoshoot

I had the pleasure of working with one of my repeat customer from about 6 years ago, to do a two part nude and artistic nude photoshoot in my studio and a boudoir and implied nude photoshoot in the couples’ insanely gorgeous bedroom. Perfect for the traditional sense of the word boudoir. She chose me originally because she wanted nude sexy photos done in an artistic way, where shadows and lighting contrast would provide a mysterious and artistic mood to her photos. Where her husband could enjoy the sensuality and sexiness of the nude body, or body in lingerie, but “naughty bits” were controlled by shadows.

This way there was a little something left to the imagination and leaving him wanting more when he comes home. That’s one beautiful thing about this kind of gift. Besides that, it freezes the effects of time that are eventually inevitable. Her goal with this personal intimate photoshoot was for me to make an album for her to give to him for him to enjoy, and take with him when he travels for work. This way he gets to enjoy and be reminded of who is waiting for his return. It’s proven that a wonderful personal gift like this spices up relationships and marriages, and really encourages spontaneous fun.

These are from the studio, cropping was to keep the mystery to go along with the high contract lighting and shadows. Photos are shared with client’s permission since her face isn’t shown in it’s entirety.

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And for the boudoir series in their bedroom, I hope you enjoy!

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Nashville boudoir, lingerie photos