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Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope these lovely nude photos, part deux with Eeva, the nude model at the abandoned hotel / restaurant. I love how we were able to use the distress and texture of the building and the vines with Fall colors to create a nice compliment to her lovely nude body, and make a photograph. Some I used off camera lighting to overpower the sun’s shadows, and others I used natural light with a fill reflector to fill in shadows. It was a beautiful day, alight chill in the air but the warmth of the sun made it a dream to work that day. Once we surveyed the floor and wall space to make sure there was no risk of injury and eliminate any hazards, we went to work. We walked around the whole building and found this beautiful distressed wood door, like a barn door, and some Fall foliage growing on it. One thing about nude photography that is eye appealing is the fluid and organic movement of the subject, and the confidence and care free nature captured in her soul. Something every man should find beautiful.

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We also took advantage of a wall with some graffiti, was careful to use shallow depth of field so it wasn’t as distracting as far as competing with her as a focal point of the image. Nice natural and reflected light, perfect for some shadow for nude figure study and classic imagery. Hope you’ve enjoyed, let us know how we can personalize an intimate photoshoot for you, whether clothed, lingerie, boudoir, implied nude or full nude.

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Beautiful new Fall outdoor nudes

I recently had the pleasure of working with a local nude model to help her update her portfolio, as well as me updating this site. Many clients wish to keep their sessions private and of course I assure discretion for them. It’s occasions like this that help me keep my own portfolio fresh. We went to an abandoned hotel property that is pretty well secluded and up on a hill. I did a quick look through to make sure there weren’t any vagrants hanging out there, which sometimes goes with the territory when working in abandoned locations….but the reward is so worth it! Outdoor nudes and abandoned location nude photography is awesome….the freedom of the outdoors and the sun, and the distress of the abandoned building with the contrast of the beautiful female body makes for perfect art.

Many clients and models feel more comfortable in the studio which is fine too, it’s easier to control light and it’s less lugging gear. But there is a liberation to the location nude photoshoots and I enjoy the challenge of lighting, and not falling into a comfort zone. I offer lingerie, as well as implied nude, or full nude photoshoots in studio or on location in Nashville and beyond. This is a more personalized approach to nude and boudoir photography than shooting someone on the same bad or chaise lounge that everyone gets. Book your own personal photoshoot in time for Christmas or Valentines Day. Prints as well as personalized albums available, please inquire about turnaround times for these wonderful heirlooms πŸ™‚

For the photography geeks, I shot towards the sun for a little lens haze and flare, and backlighting. Subject lit with off camera Elinchrom Quadra with 17″ beauty dish at full power, and used a variable neutral density filter on my Canon 24-70 lens. I set it at 2 stops so I would get a better background contrast and controlled backlighting, loved the results!Β Here are the outdoor photos from this wonderful shoot, thanks Eeva for a great shoot! May these bring you success marketing yourself as a local and traveling nude model πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy, the next look from this shoot is coming soon! Stay tuned and tell others πŸ™‚

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Pre photo shoot consultations

One thing that may help ladies coming to me for nude or boudoir photoshoots, to ease their mind / nervousness is to have a consultation in person or on the phone. This is your opportunity to ask any questions about the vision of the shoot, procedures, and tell the photographer any specific ideas or themes you have in mind for your personal photo shoot. It helps to carefully review my work on the site as well, and note which attributes of my work that you are most passionate about being used for your project. For example, do you feel most drawn to on location shoots? Window light? Background textures? Outdoor? Studio setting with dramatic lighting and shadows? Full body? Bodyscape images with some mystique and anonymity? Bedroom settings?

This is also your opportunity to see my work in print, and make your desires known about keeping images private, or if you are ok with any of them being used on the site. I would ask you what the intended purpose of this intimate photoshoot is, for example a gift for husband or significant other, etc. In the planning process, I may ask a few questions about your relationship. No, I’m not doing it to be weird, LOL. It helps me conceptualize, and any information about things he likes, about your body most, or expressions you make, etc. (without getting overly personal of course) helps set the stage for a successful photoshoot. And pack the punch you hoped to πŸ™‚ This communication helps you prepare for and be comfortable, and be excited for the photoshoot.

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