Long exposure art

While I was at the photographers’ get together out in the country, I spotted an abandoned house that no one else really saw as a prospective location to capture great art through a camera lens. I saw all kinds of possibilities there, would be perfect for a ghost from the past to haunt this house….ideas began to brew. One of the models there had some idle time, and she was perfect for this! She had a white dress, and we found an axe handle at the property. Perfecto. I explained to her the concept I had in mind, and that we would be doing double exposure photography. Which means I use a tripod so non moving objects in the photo aren’t blurred. The camera has a solid base that hand holding it can’t provide slower than 1/15 to 1/30 second for most photographers. But moving objects get blurred. And for her to be a somewhat opaque ghost, she would need to make her movements quick and robotic, then stop short and stay still so she isn’t all one big blur. It’s a challenge and unique skill set for the photographer and the model to do double exposure, shutter drag photography.

Fine art photography Nashville, long exposure photography

While the shutter is open, any movement is blurred and trailed….and how much depends on shutter speed. Freezing after movement is how the subject’s image is recognizable but opaque and ghostly. Doing that in the time the shutter is open is the trick. And doing this in any sun condition is an even greater challenge because slow shutter speed lets more light in, and most lenses have an F22 or F32 Fstop limit. For more detailed technical information on how to do successful long exposure photography, I will point you to my mainstream photography blog article that explains it more technically. 🙂 How to do shutter drag photography . Also an earlier article on this blog 🙂 http://farrellgallery.com/blog/double-exposure-photography/   

I hope you enjoy this recent artistic creation, thanks Heather for your patience!

fine art photography Nashville, double exposure photography

Fine art photography Nashville, double exposure photography



New Military discount

What more All American occasion to announce this than the 4th of July? I’ve had an influx of military wives and girlfriends coming in the studio to get some beautiful artistic nude photography, implied nude, or lingerie photos made for their significant other either serving overseas, or locally. Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Veterans Day, anniversaries and birthdays have always been wonderful occasions to give the gift of beautiful intimate photography that lasts a lifetime, and beyond that too! I have some awesome photos with dog tags and camo, but my recent clients are keeping it private so I can’t share them here, sorry 😛

I was asked if I provide military discounts, and I came up with something. Starting now, I am offering 20% off print orders! That covers prints, gallery wraps and canvases, wooden block prints, coffee table books, etc.! I appreciate the brave men and women serving our great country and am glad I am able to give back by providing beautiful nude art, as well as a little help for the wallet 🙂 Happy 4th and thank you U.S. Troops!

Nashville nude photography