Book your intimate photoshoot for Valentines day!

First, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you from Jay at Farrell!  I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday and get to spend quality time with loved ones, whether friends or family. Valentines day is approaching, which means I will be busy booking weddings during this season, and also let’s not forget booking intimate and sexy photoshoots for your significant other! You can even keep some mystique and go with bodyscapes, or accentuate different facial features, upper back muscles filled in with shadows, collar bones, etc. Any sexy but vague detail. How about a flower softly draping the body?

Don’t go to one of those awful shopping mall studios that cake 5 pounds of makeup on you and glam you up like it’s 1983, LOL. You want to look like you. I custom tailor your shoot to your needs….we can do on location, in my studio, or in your home, captured in a way it won’t be easily recognized, because the focus will be on you. Body, sensuality, light, and mood. All kinds of cool products I have available as well to present your gift, whether it’s for yourself or spouse / significant other. We can go with custom lab prints, gallery wraps, wallet sized cards in a custom tin, metal prints, custom coffee table book, etc. Please inquire for more details on setting up your artistic and sexy valentines day shoot, through the contact link on the site, email or phone, 615-812-9737 Thanks for viewing and for your interest! Happy holidays!!

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Creating that natural desire in a photo

I wish every man could have the joy in life to be able to relate to experiencing these intimate moments with a lady as I am about to talk about. I’m not talking about the obvious, sexual pleasure (this time) LOL….that would really make this go off topic, but more rather to notice the little things that are beautiful about the female body that lays next to them. Some men notice these fine details, some miss it sadly. I’m talking about when sleeping in, and the light from the sun gently kisses the room and as she gets out from under the covers, shapes it’s way around her legs, neck, muscles of her upper back, curve of her lower back, pelvic bone etc. Or when she gets out of bed and stretches, how the light hits her body and hair. Or walking towards the hallway nude, and seeing her butt move with her legs, as the sun illuminates her beauty. Any man not talking a mental picture of moments like this are really missing out. It would be like paying 50 dollars for a steak dinner and eating it in your car, like you would a burger on the road, LOL.

I’m an artist of the female form, so I am naturally drawn to moments like this. This is one reason I offer these artistic nude photoshoots, to pass my vision along to others. These photos are often used as gifts for her significant other. The idea is to see the beauty and allure their lady has, that they admittedly do not notice as much as they should on a daily basis. Whether I use natural light to emulate a setting as described above, or use studio lighting to create the mood and use shadows to create that sexy mystique, it gets captured and creates a gift that’s cherished for a lifetime. Photographs are a powerful tool to tell a story and bring out the soul of a human being. For your project, choose one of Nashville’s most experienced art nude photographers of the female form, always feel free to contact me with questions about your unique needs. Here are a few examples of the light accentuating the female body in a natural intimate setting. Hope you enjoy and that you are inspired somehow 🙂

implied nude photography NashvilleArtistic nude photography Nashville

Artistic nude photography Nashville


Less about the location, more about the subject

My approach has always been this when photographing people, especially nude photography. Sure, beautiful locations can add eye appeal to a photo….and if I have the opportunity to use a sweet location like a pristine beach or a fancy mansion, I’d take it….but it’s inevitable, my approach wouldn’t change much, as far as how I capture the subject. Sure, the mansions used in Playboy are nice. That costs a shit ton of money, and as nice as they are, they aren’t needed to make a beautiful photograph. In some ways, in cases like that, the location competes with the allure of the subject.

Have you seen the Hangover movies in Bangkok? The sequel I watched with friends when they were over for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I forget which. Most people would think I’m weird for this, but the eye of an artist would understand why I feel this way….the old run down, sweaty, dirty apartment building where they stayed would be my choice of photoshoot location, over that fancy hotel that was shown later in the movie. I saw character and textures that could be used.

My usual approach when shooting artistic nudes of a female subject, is to use shadow and shallow depth of field to bring the focal point of the image to the subject, and make the background and location more subtle….as well as less recognizable. I like how simple gets it done…that way, the lighting, and the features of the model stand out more, if the models don’t have to compete with the shooting area. Every curve and detail of the female body is beautiful….that’s what I want my viewers to notice about my photos first, which is one reason I feel more drawn to that approach. Not saying real artists don’t use beautiful locations….but to me it challenges me as an artist to make a beautiful photo with just the subject and a simple, or imperfect location. In fact, my goal when capturing them, is for often the locations not even to be identifiable. Like these, shot in an apartment, using window light only…. nothing fancy, but she shines like a new penny 🙂

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Personal collection, the inspiration of the beach

My first Tybee Island, GA. trip was just over three years ago. I desperately needed to get away, and just regroup. I’ve always been a positive benefit person, and don’t let anything clog up my artistic vision that keeps my business, and love of photography going. But I had spent a couple years prior battling my way out of debt, especially from mistakes I made with credit cards, some of which was leftover from business building, which in hindsight, I’d have bought more used equipment and improvised more. But what’s done is done. There are no mistakes that are without reason, except those you do not learn from. But I worked very hard fighting my way out of it and had made very significant progress by then. Between that and working on my business and shooting, Photoshop jobs I took on, my social life suffered. And to a degree, so did time I would normally dedicate to my own personal health and care. But I had reached that point where I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I was ready to try to find myself again. I wasn’t just an artist / photographer, I was a man with a real soul, not a shell. So, that is why I took this trip.

It was just healing to hear the waves crash, the seagulls, and smell the salty air, walk the beach, and be at the mercy of the ocean when swimming. Oh, and some seafood and wine overlooking the water wasn’t too painful either LOL. I am normally not a morning person, but I woke up at sunrise 2 of the 3 days there to do some photography, and also some at sunset, even though the sun set the opposite direction of the ocean, the nice soft sun was still there. As the days wound down, I walked the beach and waded in the water, and sat on the swings on the beach, to sit and watch the ocean and take it all in. That and just reflect on life, think about what was happening and where I was at, with different areas of my life, and what I needed to do to get where I needed to be. When it was dark and the beach was quiet, I returned to that place. This time, to talk to my friend Chris on the phone, who is a friend I can talk about anything with, and who has also mentored me with photography over the years. I didn’t even try to take anyone with me on this trip, as I have with more recent trips. That was the spiritual and artistic growth I needed. Nature’s wonders have a way of making anything life can throw at you seem so slight and small.

That trip gave me the shot in the arm I needed to make strides when I returned home. It’s also nice to have friends in Atlanta to visit on the way there and back! Here is the swing I sat in at night to restore myself. It is displayed on my den wall even today, 11×14 print matted and framed to remind me that the hard work I do will bring me back to there again, and to stay positive, and never forget what I committed to do for myself. I hope this inspires you too.

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